Black Tide

Black Tide come out of the gate with all guns blazing. Their Interscope Records debut, Light from Above, is a loaded salvo of fret-burning, hyper-charged riffs. The Florida quartet churns out fist-pumping, fast-paced metallic anthems with no remorse. Their sound channels the forefathers of heavy metal, but with a dose of 21st century attitude.
Cuts like "Shockwave," "Warriors of Time" and "Show Me The Way" pack enough explosive energy to ignite any crowd.

In the end, Black Tide are ready for anything. Gabriel's excited for what the future holds. "The band is so united now. We've never been together like this before. Black Tide's stronger than ever." That strength will only lead to bigger and better things. Zakk concludes, "The kids want more, and I want more out of us everyday. We're like that arena rock band who just hasn't made it to the arenas, yet." It's only a matter of time until they do.

Curse Of Samsara

CURSE of SAMSARA is an epic metal outfit from Philadelphia, PA. Drawing influence from thrash, death, black and power metal, Samsara takes the listener on a journey through the bowels of consciousness, expressing in it's dark form the legend of life as we know it, that which we've been fooled to believe. Twisting harmonic patterns intertwined with chunky speed riffage, rhythmic intensity, and melodic interludes forge the phenomenon of this heavy metal band.

Cadaveric Spasm

They want your soul. They want you to smoke dust, or maybe beer. 4 piece Grindcore from PA/DE. Enjoy the raping of your senses.

$10.00 - $12.00

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