"Garage rock in the purest form that makes you want to go out and cause a little trouble. 'Sometimes' had me wanting to throw on my leather jacket and step out into the dark night, ready for any adventure that may be lurking in the alleys. This is the stuff your mother warned you about. Embrace it."
- DINGUS (The International DIY Music Blog)

Garagey racket meets a Wedding Present whirl of skittering guitars. DIRT DRESS's appearance at PTP is about 3 years overdue. A quote from their own band bio sums up the band's style and sense of humor in a sentence: "Influences include: The Velvet Underground, The Fall, The Pixies, Bo Diddley, Talking Heads and a bunch of other crappy bands." Heh. Crappy, indeed.

Tomorrows Tulips

What is tomorrows tulips?
what happened to your big brothers indie rock?
don't worry alex and ford are keeping it safe for you...
born and bred off the southern California coast both these two dudes are keeping the fine tradition of slightly bummed, slightly happy, slightly outta tune and slightly crafty underground rock music alive. they aren't really 90's revivalists, they are happening now!
they know there was a velvet underground before there was a beat happening and they know it well.
they know there was a pavement before there was a weezer and they know it well.
they know bands recorded on 4 tracks before there was garageband and they know it well.
they know the kids from burger records and they know them well.
they have a new lp out called "experimental jelly" maybe you should get to know it well.

-Brent Rademaker

Warm White

"Washing waves of woozy aural abuse, Warm White wants you to boogie-woogie in your sand-filled shoes. Doom chops and screws sounds you thought you knew while shadows hang on a moon-faced muse. The sounds from a dream or a nightmare or late night drive-thrus with no one to tell you what to do, They'll garage-rock-toe-tap-sway-shake all of your problems loose." - Amelia Rina

DJ Al Lover

Sample based stuff, mostly brought on by heavy rhythm and blues influence in all it's bastardized forms with strange effects for drug consumption.


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Corners with Dirt Dress, Tomorrows Tulips, Warm White, DJ Al Lover

Thursday, January 30 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Brick & Mortar Music Hall

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