The Suzan

The Suzan

THE SUZAN are a Japanese all-girl band formed by Rie(Key&G), Saori(Vo&G), Nico(Dr) and Ikue(Ba)-self proclaimed "riot-girls". They gathered as a band in 2004 after sisters Rie and Saori had created a unique sound more influenced by the disslike of what they heard in Japanese Pop music. The music THE SUZAN plays is absolute original sound that takes in every kinds of music; Pop, Wild dance, Punk, Garage Rock and so on. The results THE SUZAN produce is a fresh sound easy to memorize but an exciting new sound for your soul to fall in love with .
THE SUZAN's live shows are full of energy that makes the audience happy, smile, and dance- no matter what the crowd、This exciting live energy comes from their experiences touring supporting such bands as Peter Bjorn and John, The Go-Team, The Bishops, Radio Birdman not only in Japan but in UK, France, Germany and the US- where throws of unsuspecting new fans have sworn allegiance to THE SUZAN. In the summer of 2007, THE SUZAN released their first full album in Japan and toured Europe where they got the attention of Bjorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John to produce their next record. This long awaited new record, Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat, is out this fall on Fool's Gold / Downtown, where the first single "Home" has already caused much stir and anticipation for more. THE SUZAN are band you must keep your eyes and ears on to not miss the excitement they will be creating around the world.


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Equal parts garage, punk and soul, NYC trio Crazy Pills channel the
ghosts of rock and roll past, present and future to make you nostalgic
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