Foley Stewart was born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His high-school band gained the attention of Mark Ronson and they started developing their sound at Allido Records. After the group went their separate ways, Foley embarked on a solo-world tour opening for Fran Healy of Travis. He then moved back to NYC and met Drummer Dave Scalia and Bassist Tim Lappin. They recorded their first single "SHAPE/STATIC" with the help of friend's studios and have begun playing shows in NYC.

The Dirty Nil

For The Dirty Nil, the past three years have been a period of ceaseless, reckless action. Though the band formed in 2006, while they were still in high school, it wasn’t until the release of their first 7” in 2011 that they truly began to harness the propulsive, kinetic energy of their live shows. Since then, they have channeled this energy into three further 7”s, three lathe-cut 7”s, a 10” EP, a few cassette EP’s, and a handful of digital singles. Their dedication to short-form releases has helped foster their relentless creative output. Fractured pieces of rabid punk, feral garage rock, and uneasy pop hooks – assembled and reassembled.

Performing live, The Dirty Nil are an unhinged, destructive force. Kyle Fisher ferociously pummels his drums, while guitarist Luke Bentham and bassist Dave Nardi stretch their amp volumes past their breaking point. Bentham and Nardi’s vocals range between melodic and frantic, violent and—less violent, with a grin on their faces. Whether live or on record, theirs is a performance based on tension and cathartic release. Three friends unified by the common desire to create something vital, meaningful, and excruciatingly loud. The Dirty Nil play rock and roll - cause they couldn’t do a damn thing else if they tried.

Shy Hunters

"Take a rolling, ‘80s-style drum line, Patti Smith's preamble to her cover of 'Hey Joe,' Twin Peaks' swooning guitar, and overlay it all with soaring female vocals—and you've got a rough sketch of 'Time Bomb,' the latest single from Brooklyn-based duo Shy Hunters... With such diverse echoes as Smith and Lynch, it comes as no surprise that the song's structure takes an equally creative approach, bounding between ethereal and intense. Guitars and varied rhythms create a patchwork feel and build a restless energy; 'Time Bomb' is at once organic and disjointed. But singer Indigo Street's voice carries—even as collapse seems imminent and the balance fragile, her vocals hold the track together... barely. The song itself is a time bomb." - Interview Magazine

Tyburn Saints

“Tyburn Saints fully embrace the sonic landscapes of shoegaze and dream-pop, with blankets of warmth ushered in by Cocteau Twins-esque guitars (similar also to LSD and the Search for God or The Bethany Curve) and the meaningful vocals of lead singer Johnny Gimenez. With a voice like Nick Cave or Stephen Merritt, that comes through with much more aplomb and command like David Bowie.”
-Scene Point Blank

“The band, creates cinematic soundscapes of surf rock and post punk with a haunting, early 80′s-style detached sound simliar to The Cure, U2, Psychedelic Furs and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.”
-indie rock café: Bands on the Radar


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