Christmas Sweater Festival feat. Deap Vally

Deap Vally (n): hard-rocking, soul-singing, sweaty two-girl blues rock. Two-girl blues rock, you ask? Yes. Lindsey Troy aka Phoenix (The Troys) and Julie Edwards aka Heisenflei (Pity Party) break blues down to its simplest, most fundamental form: beat, melody, and meaning. Phoenix takes the vocal lead, her wails hovering somewhere between the expressive groove of Janis Joplin and the chalkboard scratch of PJ Harvey, while Heisenflei holds down the beat, moving effortlessly between driving punk punch and laid-back breaks. This will be their third show ever. Welcome to the Deap.

Western Lows

Western Lows didn't form. Not all at once anyway. The project came into being slowly, in fits and starts, over the course of 2011 - a year that found Jack Burnside at loose ends, bouncing between a collection of Los Angeles practice spaces, apartments and home studios as he wrote and demoed the material that would eventually make up Glacial, Western Lows' debut LP.

Spring of 2012 saw Burnside travel to Athens, GA to record with Andy LeMaster (Now It's Overhead, Bright Eyes, R.E.M.) at Chase Park Transduction. Tasked with creating a sound, as opposed to capturing one, the pair spent weeks working into and oftentimes past the small hours of the night. Finish lines inched slowly backwards as the scope of the recording expanded.

Glacial combines the hushed intimacy of Burnside's compositions with the wide screen panoramic sweep of LeMaster's production to striking effect. Echoes of Yo La Tengo, Mazzy Star and even The Cure are present; the record's sonic space seems almost physical, a sort of gauzy dreamworld - dawn or gloaming, depending on how you look at it.

Live, Burnside is joined by Julien Bellin (Polls) and Michael Orendy (Frankel, Meow Meow).

Summer of 2012 Boardwalk duo Mike Edge and Amber Quintero were introduced by mutual friends in Los Angeles. Although both were involved in different musical projects (Mike contributing his musical and production know-how, Amber contributing her vocal ability), an undeniable creative chemistry made itself present between the two within a short time of introduction. This chemistry sparked a curiosity that could only be satiated by a collaboration of minds. The creative compatibility test came one day on an impromptu road trip. The elements involved were basic yet obligatory: a guy, a girl, a car, the open road. The end result was 'I'm Not Myself,' their first song written together. The title itself is indicative of Mike and Amber's altered state of being after that ride. The road trip was over, but the journey was only beginning. Focused on creating a sound that was their own, Mike sourced and built the gear that was requisite in capturing the essence of their sound. Their exploration of tracking analog sounds and vocal melodies over dreamy instrumental layers continued until an album of songs was complete. The needle makes contact with the record, and so continues Boardwalk's journey, their self-titled album released by the legendary independent music label Stones Throw Records.

Heaven is a project by Jacob Cooper (Wavves, Mae Shi, Bark Bark Bark) of original music, remixes, production, and live band with Johnnie Munger and Michael Sanger.


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The Christmas Sweater Festival was completely born out of the idea of a holiday party. Friends and families getting together to reflect on the year they had, and kick off the year ahead, all while wearing beautiful Christmas sweaters. The Deadly Syndrome first conceived the idea of the festival while coming home from a tour to New York and back. They wanted to get home, get all their friends and friend-bands together and throw a mini-fest where all the money would go to charity. Over the years bands like Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Aaron Embry, The Happy Hollows, Pity Party, The Mae Shi, Castledoor, Eskimohunter and many more have come together to celebrate friends and family, taking care of one another and festive-knitted-torso-wear. This year all the proceeds will be going Pablove, an organization that funds pediatric cancer research and advanced treatments. We're so thrilled to be helping them save and change lives. We'll also have a best sweater contest!

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