Givethemrope, to put it simply, is an intense band. Not just metal concert intense, but also “Get out of my way or I’ll kick you in the throat” intense. Vocalist Rich Books had, at times, a frightening stage presence. He wasn’t rocking corpse paint, tearing bibles, or spitting blood, he was simply yelling into the souls of every spectator before him all the while cracking beers in between songs. Givethemrope reminded me a lot of metal giants Lamb of God, not necessarily in musical prowess but more so in the band’s collective behavior up on stage. They weren’t posturing or posing, they played their harsh groove-metal set with every ounce of energy they could muster with an in-your-face hardcore edge.

Sick Trust

Officially formed in 2010 by four veterans of the local heavy music scene, SickTrust is a powerful new addition to the local Philadelphia metal community. In August 2011 they released their self-titled debut which combines raw energy, and aggressive power along with melodic elements to form a brutal and honest heavy music compilation. Shaped by each individuals various musical influences, SickTrust has created a unique sound that offers something different to the listener, something that appeals not only to the hardcore metal fan, but also appeals to listeners of many other musical genres.



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