Daniel Emond and Act One, Household Tales, Maynard and the Musties

Daniel Emond and Act One

Daniel Emond and Band have been hard at work for over a year crafting their first full LP, Punk Philosophy, and they can finally say that their work is done! Please join us at the Rock Shop for the official album release, where, for one show only, you can get your copy of Punk Philosophy for whatever you want to pay!! Pay them a dollar, a penny, or some of your pubes! Whatever you want to give, the band will accept, in exchange for a shrink-wrapped CD with 8 tracks of rock music.

A little about the band:

Daniel Emond, the band’s singer and writer

DANIEL EMOND has been a performer and creator ever since he can remember. He has been telling stories and acting in plays since he was nine years old, and has been singing ever since his voice dropped. He earned a BFA in acting from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and as soon as he graduated, he decided to follow his dreams of forming an elite rock band. In January, Daniel will be joining the Florida Studio Theater for their new Musical Poems, Prayers and Promises, but before and after that, he will focus on building a successful future for the band. He feels truly blessed and proud to be working with the musicians who have joined him.

Owen Dudley, the band’s guitarist

Born and raised in the Hartford area, OWEN DUDLEY has been playing music since the age of 3, when he got his first violin. Studying classical violin and piano through his teens, he decided to explore the possibilities of improvised music on a new instrument, the guitar. Owen arrived in New York City in 2009 to study music at the New School, and has been living and playing in the city ever since. His spirited playing and penchant for picking his spot make him a welcome addition to the group. Owen's other hobbies include asking the big questions, watching hockey, and getting caught in the rain.

Rick Martinez, the band’s drummer

RICK MARTINEZ is a Drummer, Percussionist, and Composer based out of New York City. He is a graduate from NYU's Jazz Performance Program and currently performs at venues along the East Coast. In his years before college he played Timpani in the Peabody Youth Sinfonietta, participated in the Tanglewood music camp and played in the Berklee World Percussion Festival. He has studied with Tony Moreno, Wayne Krantz, Mike Richmond, Dave Pietro, Tim Genis, Jonathan Haas, John Hadfield, Martin Wind, Dafnis Prieto. More recently he has been working on independent music projects and recording sessions in New York.

Josh Henderson, the band’s bassist and violinist

JOSH HENDERSON is enjoying a multi-faceted career as a cross-genre multi-instrumentalist (violin, viola, and electric bass) and composer.
He has built a reputation for his high-energy electric violin performances genres such as Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Country-Fiddle. A member of several national and internationally touring groups, he regularly tours with The Mayhem Poets, performing with the performance poets in major performing arts venues across the country, the indie-rock outfit Whale Belly, Chassidic Reggae group, The Moshe Hecht Band, contemporary Classical music ensemble, Contemporaneous, and the newly formed string ensemble, Alkali.
A sought after freelance musician in New York City, Josh has performed, recorded, and collaborated with popular artists such as Chris Brown, The Sugar Hill Gang, Sufjan Stevens, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Palmer, Jherek Bischoff, and members of bands such as "Deer Hoof" and "The Eagles".
For more on Josh, please find him online at www.joshhendersonviolin.com.

Household Tales

Household Tales began when brothers William Lea and David Redbranch reunited and discovered that they had more in common than ancestry. Each had been fronting rock bands, honing his songwriting skills, and rambling round the musical landscape that lies between Old Weird America and Brooklyn. Joining with drummer Tim Shortle and upright bassist Sean Ali, they began crafting a sound that combined ancient folk ballads, brash rock anthems, and high lonesome blues.

Household Tales' debut album Threshold Shift was recorded and mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Danny Blume, in Woodstock, N.Y., and released in May 2013.

Maynard and the Musties

Sheep in the city

$8.00 - $10.00


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