Infinity Shred

Infinity Shred

Discontent with the now, Infinity Shred create music which aims to be the digital harbinger by which the human race once again dreams of tomorrow.
Through years of friendship forged on a shared love of skateboarding and screen printing, Damon Hardjowirogo and George Stroud originally founded the band in 2007 as Starscream. With the 2011 release of the final Starscream LP, "Future, Towards the Edge of Forever," came the addition of Nathan Ritholz on guitar as well as a collective yearning amongst the members for creative growth by exploring digital synthesis beyond the sole use of the 8-bit hardware as a means of composition.
The group creates multi-chapter electronic anthems inspired by the hopefulness of the space age tinged by the dark feelings that arise in the members when faced with the prospect that the human race may not find it's way in to forever. Additionally the band creates accompanying visuals for their live shows (performed by or with the help of artist Jean Y. Kim) that clearly illustrate the members' love of skateboarding and the bands obsession with the aesthetic of the Italo Disco / Space Synth era

If 2 Ton Bug were a lover your grandmother would keep their picture in a locket, having vowed never to speak their name. Equal parts Delta blues and Devo, synth-punk and garage rock, they are: a lead singer whose words tell of persecuted witches and mad scientists; a virtuoso drummer who bangs out primal rhythms on a literal pile of garbage; a slide guitarist who hollers into a cannibalized telephone; a classically trained pianist on the bass. Dubbed "ENERGY DRINK AMERICANA" by Thunder Zone mogul JUICEBOXXX and bred in the heart of Connecticut, 2 Ton Bug has played with Quintron and Miss Pussycat, JEFF the Brotherhood, Anamanaguchi, Math the Band, and more. They released their debut album Wedding of the Century in 2011, a followup EP, Thrillsville, and an acclaimed music video for "School Stinks" in 2012, and have a forthcoming album entitled It's a Wonderful Life due in 2013.

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