Humble, reserved, and laid back... are just a few choice words to describe ItsQVC's personality. That is, until he picks up a mic and morphs into a lyrical monster. Whether he is owning not only the stage, but also the crowd or in the booth diligently recording one amazing song after another, ItsQVC is an artist that truly loves his craft.

Hailing from the North side of Chicago, Quinton Vontrell Childs --- later to be known simply as Q or ItsQVC --has always been a quiet and somewhat shy young man. He began to put his words and emotions on paper during his early adolescent years and his stage debut at the age of 17. He recalls his sister listening to 90's hip-hop legends Bone Thugs -N-Harmony, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, as well as fellow Chicago natives Do Or Die and Crucial Conflict. He considers Tupac's "Dear Mama" as one of the first songs to turn him on to Hip-Hop, describing the lyrics as real and heartfelt -- much like Q's style when he tells a story or sends a message through his lyrics. To him, the song also epitomized his belief that words hold true power. He derives the content of his music from his deep thoughts, past experiences, and every day life. Though he often channels his influences, his ability to keep his lyrics relatable yet containing intelligent wordplay is truly what makes his style his very own.

At 23, he is quickly making his presence known in the ever- growing, and very competitive Chicago Hip-Hop scene with intelligent, thoughtful words that he delivers with such sharpness and charisma. He continues to grow creatively as he gains more and more support from his peers as well as his increasing fan base. Like many others, his ultimate dream is to have his music recognized and loved worldwide and to become a legend in his beloved city of Chicago -- a goal that is well within this reach. However, to ItsQVC, the simple love for music and the escape that it provides him are part of the drive that keeps him going in this industry. A sign of a true artist that is clearly passionate and enamored with his craft.

Chris Crack & New Deal Crew

New Deal Crew is collective of artists with one common hit motherfuckers with dope shit. Slick, catchy rap verses punctuated by glittery pop hooks are the trademark of NDC. With a playfully raunchy sense of humor (lyrics like "she don't love me, she only love me for my sex game") and a sincere drive to create beautiful sounds ("where we goin', we don't need roads"), this crew is taking over playlists throughout the CHI and beyond.

Scheme is a vivid writer with a story to tell and an uncanny talent to point out with precision the realities of life. In 2006, with the help of the Molemen, Scheme delivered his first full length album, For My People, which was received extremely well by the local Chicago scene, as well as worldwide. He followed it up with two mixtapes; one with Visual (This Is Now) and one with Astonish and Decay (The Biz Vol. 1). Both mixtapes were praised as great pieces of work, which helped Scheme catapult himself further into the Hip Hop scene.

In 2009, Scheme released The Manifesto EP which garnered a lot of praise from fans and critics. With an appearance from Jean Grae and production from the Sound Merchants, the EP reached the world and made an incredible impact on Scheme's music career. The video for the song "Chicano" aired on MTV Jams and has gained Scheme a lot of attention on an international level.

In 2010, Scheme kept his momentum going by dropping yet another project; Same Rebel, New Cause (Mixtape) which was presented by Soul Assassins, Molemen, Ruby Hornet, and 2dopeboyz. He also followed that release with; Same Rebel, New Cause (Deluxe Edition), which features new songs, and new collaborations with Mikkey Halsted, Emilio Rojas, and more. Also to put a stamp on the great year Scheme had in 2010 he released the Helluva Year (Mixtape) as a token of appreciation to all of those who helped make 2010 a helluva year!
He's performed alongside; Lupe Fiasco , Crucial Conflict, Big KRIT, L.E.P., Vado, Vakill, Cool Kids, Juice, RhymeFest, Naledge, Qwel, Glue, DJ A-Trak, Fat Lip, Zion I, The Grouch, Mac Lethal, POS, Psalm One, MF Doom, and many more.
Everything is falling into place for Scheme. Hard work and talent is undeniable. Expect nothing less than greatness from this young artist.

At a Saba show, when vibrations boom and sharp-witted verses start to permeate the crowd, you better have your hands up and mind in full focus. Tahj Chandler, better known as Saba, the 20-year- old rapper and producer from Chicago's West Side, joins the city's new wave of bubbling talent with an aggressive delivery and unmistakable production.

Born to a family of musical talent, Saba grew up to the sounds of soul, R&B, and jazz thanks to his father, Chandlar. He began to play piano at the age of seven, and soon after he started to experiment with his sound on beat making software. However, it wasn't until the young Chandler first heard the legendary Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and other burgeoning Midwest talents that he found his true musical niche and emcee calling, "Hands down my biggest influence was Bone Thugs-n- Harmony. They're the ones who actually made me like rap and want to do it," he says. At age 16, Saba joined the open mikes at YouthMedia Center and Young Chicago Authors, which he credits with giving him the confidence and charisma to perform onstage. With all these tools in his arsenal Saba has developed a career sound with appeal that spans from the staunchest old-school hip hop heads to a new generation of rap fans.

Saba dropped his first full length project, GETCOMFORTable, in December 2012, featuring production from Thelonius Martin, DJ Such N Such, Ikon, and the rising spitter himself. Soothing, serene, and soaring, the mixtape reflects a coming of age and showcases a catalogue of young Chicago talents who join Saba in trying to make sense of themselves as rising adults in today's world.

In 2013, Saba joined fellow Windy City talent Chance the Rapper with a standout guest verse on the highly acclaimed track "Everybody's Something ft. BJ the Chicago Kid", from Acid Rap. That same year Chandler would began work on his sophomore debut, ComfortZone, produced in conjunction with J.U.S.T.I.C.E League's Cam Osteen (Acid Rap and Vic Mensa's Innanetape), Chicago trio NAiMA (Dylan Frank, Cory Grindberg, and Ken Ross), and featuring a slew of notable talents such as MC Tree, Eryn Allen Kane, Legit, Jamila of M&O.

ComfortZone was released in July of 2014, and was received with critical enthusiasm and public praise. The 14-track collection is both autobiographical and reflective, a bittersweet window into the young emcee's upbringing in a culturally rich yet troubled city. With innovative production and hard-hitting lyrics, Saba tries to make sense of his surroundings while maintaining a positive outlook and mindset. Standout tracks include, "Burnout" featuring songstress Eryn Allen Kane ("It's the aural equivalent to a freshly baked apple pie" - Noisey, and DJ Booth's Hook of the Year), as well as "Butter" ("Saba is up next." - Billboard) and "401K", ("Certain songs are bigger than music." - Potholes In My Blog). ComfortZone not only captured Saba's undeniable growth as an emcee, but also as a producer, and young adult.


Astonish joins the veteran hip-hop collective, the Molemen, as their youngest burgeoning emcee. Originally from Humboldt Park but now residing in Old Irving/Jefferson Park, Astonish embodies Chicago's capacity to produce a street-smart lyricist with enough intelligent swagger to hold his own in the midst of both the thugs and the backpackers.

Having been reared in a diverse musical environment, Astonish gained a unique eclectic auditory experience that has helped him develop his balanced approach to music. Between the old-school soul records of his grandparents' era, his father's penchant for NWA, and his own musical delving with everything from Usher to Nas to Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Astonish's rhymes convey a multitude of topics that reflects this musical heritage.

After gaining a street buzz as a younger teen, Astonish felt that he needed to restrain himself from putting out tracks without a proper network behind him to ensure that his first album wasn't lost in a flood of underground releases and never heard. By biding his time, he was able to cultivate his craft and eventually gain the ear of the Moles, quickly earning their acceptance with his sincerity and the quality of his delivery.

With nearly six years of devoted rhyming under his belt, Astonish is in a solid position to quickly establish himself as one of Chicago hip-hop's newly tiered breakthrough artists. One of his songs, "Broken Dreams", focuses on his strong impulse to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him while they are still available, and not to let time pass him by. Having joined up with the legendary Molemen collective at the young age of 21, it is clear that he is wasting no time in taking advantage of a very strong opportunity to allow his dream of becoming an internationally respected emcee to be realized.



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