Just barely a year and a half after forming the band, the raucous, blues-infused stripped down complexities of the Crash Kings' utterly original urban rock has flourished. Regularly drawing capacity crowds at local indie music hot spots from the Roxy to Bordello, the Silverlake Lounge to the Derby.

The Crash Kings wrapped up their self-titled debut EP, a five-song tour de force comprised of some tracks familiar to fans and some fresh surprises. "You Got Me" feels the exuberant, soaring frustration of a jilted lover's rock anthem, while "Come Away" tugs at the heart but leaves your eyes dry and your head bouncing. The remaining three tracks on the EP sustain the infectious onslaught of amped-up melodies, tight, crisply expressive arrangements, irresistible hooks and first-rate musicianship that early fans of the boys have already come to know and love.

Tony and Mike Beliveau, two brothers from Boston, were already making music together their whole lives before crisscrossing the country in tandem and finally putting down roots in Los Angeles.


"The Struts are a five-piece, female fronted, full-throttle rhythm and blues outfit from Oakland, CA. They've got a high energy live show, a dedicated Bay Area fan base and an exciting "Rhythm-N-Grit" sound. Simply put... It's fast. It's loud. And when singer, Farrah Ancell, steps up to the microphone — when you hear her deliver that first note with all the grit and growl of a young Etta James — you'll know something serious is about to go down. It's punk rock in the juke joint and it swings like a mother."

King Washington

Despite tumultuous times and something of an extended hiatus from performing and recording at the end of 2012, King Washington are set to bring their incredibly kinetic and diverse sound back to the masses. Armed and ready with new tunes and a wildly dedicated fan base, King Washington is comprised of Tyson Kelly (Rhythm Guitarist/Vocalist), George Krikes (Guitarist/Vocalist), Billy Lee (Bass) and Lucas Ventura (Drums). Music lovers and critic's alike are consistently impressed by King Washington's compelling musical integrity, pitch-perfect harmonies, and gritty yet infectious musical compositions. On their critically acclaimed debut album, "The Gears," the band worked with Grammy Award winning producer Joe Puerta (Ambrosia, Bruce Hornsby and the Range) for a cross-generational project that's become a quintessential music must-have. "In an ideal world, King Washington would be topping the charts with The Gears. Highly melodic and intellectual without isolating the listener" (
Their explosive charisma and vintage melodic songs are built on heavy handed instrumentation that only grow more impressive in a live setting. They set the room on fire song after song, allowing their infectious sound to ear-worm its way into your mind, with music that is as inspiring as it is addictive. There's no better way to return to the music scene then by reminding fans of the very reason they fell in love with King Washington in the first place; undeniable talent and music that is expertly crafted by truly immersive and determined musicians.


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