Wesley Stace (F/K/A/ John Wesley Harding) with Alec Ounsworth  (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) & John Roderick (The Long Winters)

Wesley Stace

A British singer/songwriter of considerable charm, intelligence, and moxie, Wesley Stace, better known as John Wesley Harding, has been releasing albums since the early 1990s that walk the fine line between folk and pop. He's a Dylanesque troubadour with respect for the folk tradition who can also bang out hooky jangle pop and biting invective when the occasion calls for it. Fans and critics have been loyal, and he has parlayed his clever way with words into a second career as a novelist and lecturer.

Alec Ounsworth

Alec Ounsworth has made 5 records with 3 different projects (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Flashy Python, and Alec Ounsworth). He is currently making the 4th Clap Your Hands Say Yeah record. He is from Philadelphia."

John Roderick

John Roderick is the songwriter and singer/guitarist of The Long Winters, forming the band from a mound of clay back in 2001. Widely acclaimed as one of America's preeminent artists, credited with resurrecting Seattle's moribund music scene and bringing new life to the rock genre, John also writes his own press bios. A central figure in the Northwest music community, John nevertheless maintains his outsider status by being both dangerously edgy and completely huggable, in contravention of established Seattle practice. Equally talented at almost any instrument, (except guitar, at which he is even more talented), John has made it nearly impossible for any other musicians to find work in Washington State, effectively playing ALL the music that needs to be played. John is also a widely respected journalist, an extensively quoted author and philosopher, a prima ballerina, a cowboy and an astronaut.

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