Brzowski, Habit.One, Red Jesse and The Deadmen, Keyza Soulsay, Mikal kHill, Tail Light Rebellion

After 10 years of scene-building in Portland,Maine as an mc and banner-guard for Milled Pavement Records, 5 years of touring throughout 5 countries (most recently France, Germany, and Switzerland this past April '12 with Milled Pavement CEO Moshe), over 700 performances, 2 critically acclaimed albums, 3 mixtapes, 2 ep's, 1 7" single, countless featured appearances, and performing live with a venerable who's-who of independent hip-hop, BRZOWSKI is throwing down the gauntlet with all the desperation of a man on the edge.

Winning poetry slams and MC battles, 3 European tours, appearing at SXSW, moon-lighting tour stints with Sage Francis, Ceschi, Epic, Galapagos4, Sole and the Skyrider Band, as well as playing to packed clubs supporting the varied indie-hop stripes of Busy Bee, El-P, Spose, Ill Bill, Slaine, Busdriver, 2Mex, Killah Priest, Atmosphere, Murs, Dalek, Brother Ali, Doug E. Fresh, Josh Martinez, Aceyalone, DJ Vadim, Astronautalis, Sleep, K-the-I???, B. Dolan, members of the Shapeshifters, and myriad others have cemented BRZOWSKI a reputation for quality live performance, an alignment with the best in the business, and an uncanny knack for harvesting the fans of those artists with higher profiles.

BRZOWSKI's grueling pace of hard-work and hard-living lends credence the axiom that to achieve any modicum of notoriety, you must suffer for your art.

No Rest For the Wicked.


Beats inspired by electronic and hip-hop elements and thoughtful lyrics focusing on both the negative and positive aspects of life combine to create a unique sound.

Red Jesse and The Deadmen

futurefolk hearthop. spit nugget chunks of rainbows brite and love you a lot

Keyza Soulsay

Since 2007, Keyza Soulsay has been ripping local open mics and stages with his style of clever lyricism and energetic presence as an emcee. His evolution of old school boom-bap mixed with lyrical substance keeps the heads nodding and minds thinking long after one of his performances. You can usually find him in a cypher or in the studio perfecting his craft of being an emcee.

Mikal kHill

Mikal kHill is a emcee, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, primarily known for being the founding member of the hiphop collective and live band The ThoughtCriminals. His debut solo album, "This is Not an Entrance" explores the space between hiphop, folk and industrial music without ever losing focus on densely packed rhymes, hard drums and dope melodies. Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock. Reader's Digest "Producer of the Year" 2011. kHing kHoopa, the Dragonborn MC.

Tail Light Rebellion

Jonathan Natale of The Swaggerin' Growlers Boogie Box Beat and Dirty Dance Folk


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