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Giving away a trip to Cancun Mexico from StudentCity

Oscar Wylde X Vegas Banger

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DJ Slipcase

I make/mash/edit/mix/remix the biggest and best music for you.

I am available for all bar mitzvahs, bacon testings, and NRA rallies.

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DJ Dankshyt

Christian (aka Dankshyt) is a DJ at UD that specializes in Electronic Dance Music and Top 40 Remixes. He is the current resident DJ at Catherine Rooneys in Newark, DE.
Christian (aka Dankshyt) is a Senior at the University of Delaware that specializes in Electronic Dance Music and Top 40 Remixes, whatever you want! He is the current resident DJ at Catherine Rooney's Newark but also plays formals, charity events, private house parties, and Greek events.


Kess is Kevin Steinberger, a 22 year-old house/hip-hop/top 40 remix producer from Tinton Falls, NJ. In 2010, Kevin started to DJ parties and bars as a finance major at the University of Delaware.

As of 2012, Kevin currently DJ's every Thursday at the University's most popular bar, Klondike Kate's, and spends majority of his weekends traveling and DJing along the North East. In November of 2012, Kevin won the Red Bull DJ Master at the University of Delaware and in February of 2013 opened for Sound Remedy in NYC.

Kevin's ear for music and understanding of the crowd is what distinguishes him from his competition. With critical acclaim from well-known DJ's across the nation, Kevin's music is expected to undoubtedly explode among the Electronic Dance Music scene.

Making Moves

Two DJ's manifesting a massive turn up anywhere in attendance
Get ready to jump, because we are Making Moves.

$15.00 - $20.00


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