Grandhorse, BILLYGOAT, Tiger House


David Klein and Nick Woolley formed the musical/video duo called Billygoat. "Space according to Billygoat is full of heavily allegorical (and often psychedelic) dream-like landscapes populated by spinning mushrooms, dancing figures, burning angels, cosmic horses and giant golden hands. The accompanying music is appropriately dreamy, and formless enough that it never distracts from, but only enhances it's gorgeous visual centerpiece. Accordingly, Kline and Woolley are anti-performers, as they sit to the sides in the dark, calmly gliding a violin bow over the strings of an electric bass, or plucking a handmade harp. Sequencers, loops and synthesizers do the rest. As you get sucked further and further in, you forget that you're hearing a live musical performance at all, and become totally engrossed in the visual storytelling of the video. And what a barrage of stories!"

Tiger House

$3.00 - $5.00


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