The Ian Fays, Happy Otherwise

The Ian Fays

The Ian Fays started in Humboldt County, CA 7 years ago without even a keyboard stand for their $5 Casio. After touring the West Coast relentlessly they were picked up by an Italian label. By this time they bought a keyboard stand. Today, the Fays play around the USA and make the trip to Europe twice a year to tour. The Fay's now call San Francisco home. The Fays like ice cream.

"In an ideal world, the twins, Lizz and Sara, and their bandmates would be the new princesses of pop – in the best sense of the word: simple but gorgeous melodies, toy casios." --Panoplie Zine/Indie Compilation

"32 minutes of lo-fi whispers and dreaming that speaks of small disappointments, loves and drinks." --MTV Italy

$3.00 - $5.00


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