El Amor

El Amor

El Amor is a group of individuals hailing from the metro Denver area who came together to express their shared love of music. Mixing garage rock arrangements with catchy lyrics, hip hop flavor and a Do-It-yourself punk mentality, they create a unique sound unlike anything you have experienced before. With song topics ranging from government corruption to ladies of the night to UFOs, El Amor is a group that refuses to be easily categorized.
El Amor is spanish for "The Love". It represents these four young mens' shared passion for making exciting, dynamic rock music. This dedication can't be stopped by broken instruments, homelessness, mental breakdowns, incarceration, women problems, or wicked hangovers.

El Amor harbors an intesity to their sound crafted through riff rock arrangements, punk rock fury, with undeniably catchy rhythms that will either get you moving on the floor or towards the door.


InLoo is a Denver based punk band. The original concept was to form an all girl band, but its turns out that is harder said than done, so we are just going to dress Chris up like a girl instead. The band was originally formed in late 2011, with guitatrist/vocalist Elle and bassist/vocalist Katy, and lead singer of Television Generation Will on stand in drums, and pretty much any technical shit we couldnt figure out. We recently found our drummer, Chris, and we are focusing on a cd we have in the works, should be out soon. We are influenced by bands such as the adolescents, swingin' utters, HOle, Babes in Toyland, Sonic Youth, Alice in Chains, and of course Nirvana. We will soon be gigging around the denver area, so get ready for some local in your face punk rock

Symple Man

Forged from a meeting through mutual friends. Musicians Mez and Davin quickly realized a musical bond that would forever change their outlook, and persuit for music. Together they have worked to find their ultimate definition of what music means to them.


$4.00 - $8.00


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