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Animal Reporters

Jesse Denaro

Jesse Denaro writes simple songs about complex things: love, homelessness, faith, remorse, death, and God Himself. Phrases turn, emotions connect, and melodies soar. You sing along even though you've never heard the tune before.

Jesse writes from an inner perspective wrestling with things he can't change, yet knows his life has purpose when he cries out "Someone Save My Life." Jesse's song construction will take you to unexpected places but when you arrive you're pleasantly surprised; as in the case of his recognition as finalist in 2009 Billboard Contest for his CD "Speed of Light."


Jesse has a way of packing a venue as he draws the audience in with his unassuming style and genuine humility. You want to like him! And he delivers. Then you're hooked. He has an uncanny way of crossing demographics from teens to thirty-somethings where they miraculously intersect at the lyrics, arrangements, and the infectious melody lines. When you listen to songs like "More Than Man" and sense his struggle with his purpose and his faith, you marvel that this is a man of only 20 years. With tens of thousands of downloads & iTunes sales, thousands of Vimeo YouTube hits, his fan-base stretches farther than he can physically.

Although Jesse toured extensively up and down the east coast from MA to FL, he's entertained audiences at Illinois' Cornerstone Summer fest; packed coffeehouse venues in quaint Warwick; recorded material in Atlanta and honed his style in Savanna, Daytona Beach, and appeared on radio programs in Nyack, New York. Recently, Jesse has toured the east coast as the drummer with the band "von Wolfe." He has been a featured guest on several radio programs including World Radio program in Nyack, New York.

As if he wasn't busy enough, Jesse is completing his Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts from Full Sail University this summer. The satisfaction he gets from helping others grow in their gifts provides another area of satisfaction for this young man.

Jesse will succeed not because every song written will be a "hit" but because he has good taste and instinctively knows what hits an emotional "nerve", what will be memorable, and what just "feels right." You'll agree when you find Jesse's songs stuck in your head and slotted in your favorite playlist.

The Roofers Union



AVO is a three-piece indie rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. AVO specializes in punk/funk/left-of-center guerilla rock nuggets.

Din Machine

Liz Turner

Ben Chatrer

The Sacred Animals


Vital Stats

Motown, gaze, and soul, are some of the genres that come to you via Vital Stats. With influences like Sam Cooke, Cody Chestnutt, and Marvin Gaye, this music takes no emotional prisoners.



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