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Tyburn Saints

"Tyburn Saints creates cinematic soundscapes of surf rock and post punk with a haunting, early 80′s-style detached sound simliar to The Cure, U2, Psychedelic Furs and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds."
-indie rock café: Bands on the Radar
"The band creates a kaleidoscope of shimmering jewel tones, steeped in reverb and delay pedals, a sonic pool in which you would willingly drown."
-Pop Shifter

The Howlin’ Houndogs

Ray Mazza

Tiny Hazard

Experimental pop band from Brooklyn, NY


A duo that enjoys collecting marbles.

Names of War

Names of War is fronted by singer/songwriter, Andrew Carlson. Originally a one-man act, the group is now filled out by members of Brooklyn bands: The Building, In One Wind, and St. Vincent.

Our Griffins

At a recent performance, DJ Brown, aka Our Griffins, quietly spoke to the audience saying, "I'm only talking as a favor to my friends." It was nice to hear the twenty year old singer/songwriter speak, but there really was no need. The delicate turn of phrase, and ringing chords of his songs, already had his listeners in a temporary state of receptive grace.



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