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Stranger! Danger!

The Use

Joseph Maddy

Jason McMahon

Dr. Evilletown

Wharton Tiers Ensemble

Wharton Tiers was born in Philadelphia in 1953. He graduated from Villanova University and moved to NYC in 1976. He played drums and percussion with many downtown bands including Theoretical Girls and Laurie Anderson. He also worked independently with many of New York's then up and coming stars, including Eric Bogosian, Ann Magnuson, and Whoopi Goldberg.

In addition, Wharton started two groups which played his own compositions, A Band, which disbanded in 1980, and Glorious Strangers, which released a self-titled LP in 1984. Since then Wharton has continued to compose and write many different styles of music, including solo piano, synth based instrumentals, opera, and symphonic works.

A CD of instrumentals for massed guitars by the Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Brighter Than Life, came out on Atavistic in April of 1996, and the follow-up, Twilight Of The Computer Age, was released at the end of 1999. The Ensemble has built a reputation for their high-energy live shows.

In 1982 Wharton started Fun City Studios and began recording many of New York's experimental and alternative groups including Sonic Youth, White Zombie, Swans, Dinosaur Jr., Lunachicks and Glenn Branca, as well as commercials (the series of Priceline.com ads featuring William Shatner!) and film scores (Judgement Night, gold record 1994).

To date he has produced and recorded over 200 LPs and CDs, including Helmet's Meantime, for which he received a gold record in 1993.
In 2007, Wharton relocated from Manhattan to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and began constructing a new studio, The Kennel, which opened for business in May 2008.

Several new albums of material by WTE and other Tiers projects will be released in 2013.

Little War Twins

Boston native Gaetana Brown is an acoustic singer-songwriter with a strong grasp for the indie-folk aesthetic. Her songs are flush with graceful simplicity and eloquence, comparable to the likes of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. She is all about keeping her performances full of expression and personality that is sure to hit the audience straight in their hearts.

Aquadora is currently an experimental rock bzuitar (baritone heavily modified guitar)/drums/vocal project based in Brooklyn NY.

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