the Duhks

Canada's premier neo-tradsters romp from world-beat to blues, urban-pop to old-timey, with wild-eyed invention, haunting traditionalism, and spine-rattling groove." (Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe) GRAMMY nominees and JUNO award winners, seeing The Duhks live is nothing short of a spiritual experience. A syncopated bluesy banjo number seamlessly follows a Brazilian samba; an old-time jaunt nestles comfortably next to a gospel performance. One of the most musically adventurous bands to come from the roots scene in the past decade, The Duhks’ return to the stage is definitely a cause for celebration.

Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks

"Where do bands like this come from and why do they take so long to get here? Breaking down perimeters of Folk, Americana, Roots etc, this duo's sound is like nothing else." - Midwest Record

When a tarantula loses a limb they grow it back in the next molting. The songs on Tarantula Arms are about just that: growth and regeneration, and above all perseverance. While touring in
support of 2012’s Take the Air Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks stumbled upon and fell in love with the Tarantula Arms Farm in southeastern Minnesota. Deeply moved by the property and its
inhabitants’ fierceness of character, they resolved to name the next record in honor of this resilient spirit. Since that time however the name has taken on deeper shades of meaning.

Spiders are magnificent creatures, at once strong and delicate. Self-sufficient, they are connectors, creators, and artists weaving their webs day in and day out. The songs on Tarantula Arms are a tapestry of individual stories that reveal the strength and vulnerability of the human journey, all bound together by the common thread of our shared experience. From the desperate
pioneer protagonist of No More Gold to Oh Heart and its charting of a layered, timeless love, or the euphoric exultation of Buffleheads, its subject enraptured by the freedom that comes with the profound realization of universal interconnectedness, the words and music on Tarantula Arms fit like well-worn jeans, forever patched but never relegated to the back of the drawer.

Bound together too are the songs by the sort of deeply thoughtful arrangement and effortless, elegant performance that comes only from artists who are fully immersed and at one with their
medium. Languid acoustic strumming and gentle strings give succor to the resigned yet steadfast denizens of We Will, while the ukulele’s shuffle rocks right along with the star piece of furniture in Mama’s Evening. Performed with an unhurried ease, Rawling and Parks build just-right compositions that mirror and support the pictures painted by the tales they tell.

Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks met in 2010 in Portland, Oregon USA. Common loves and tribulations propelled them to become an inseparable team both on and offstage. Together they
blend and harmonize their way through the landscapes of their songs with an invigorating, enthralling energy.

Wisconsin-born Rawling grew up in a working class town called Sheboygan, near Lake Michigan. An artist governed by intuition, Rawling honed her songwriting skill during many summers working atop a firetower in the Mt. Hood wilderness. Midwestern grit with a heart of gold, songwriter/guitarist and vintage American folk singer Rawling composes highly melodic songs from fascinating scraps of images and phrases, singing them with a vibrant, immediately engaging yodel-edged alto that just might send a tingle up your neck.

Born to hippie idealists in an adobe hut seven miles shy of Colorado's Mt. Blanca, multi- instrumentalist Parks plays the violin, viola, mandolin and uke with intuition, personality, and
grace. He sings harmony, but his "voice" is heard in the form of his distinctive string-playing, which has a dusty, mournful quality revealing classical, mountain, and bluegrass influences.

A testament to perseverance, Tarantula Arms is the silent tribute to strong human beings throughout time. Tarantula Arms is a dust bowl in the 1920s Texas panhandle. It is an approaching storm on the western horizon as you urge your steed ever onward, wind whipping lines of determination a little deeper with every stride. It is the hardened pearl of 26k miles touring experience. It is the metaphor we've all been waiting for.



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