Wild Rompit

Wild Rompit

Wild Rompit is an indie/folk/rock group that consists of four Jersey boys that met at Drexel University in February of 2010. Since then the four friends have been moving quickly, diving deep into the Philly art scene playing all over the tri-state area and becoming recognized as a talented up and coming band. Recently they released their first EP “Stampede” and plan to release their second EP “Bro...therhood” in mid-April. Wild Rompit brings an original sound that is inspired by early rock and roll with a taste of alternative. It is best said that Rompit is a “call from the wild,” each song bringing something different to the listener.


DAYTONA is a New York based trio featuring Hunter Simpson (guitar and vocals), Christopher Lauderdale (drums and vocals) and Jose Boyer (bass and vocals). After playing in bands together in Chapel Hill, NC, they came together post-relocation in 2011 and released a debut EP "Storm So Long" in 2012. Simpson is also a member of Wild Yaks, and Boyer was formerly in Harlem.

As DAYTONA the members reach out in some new directions, with looping finger-picked guitars setting a groundwork for sprawling harmonies over often hypnotic beats. They draw inspiration from a wide range of American folk music, classic rock, and African & Caribbean sounds and rhythms, but the final result is a refined hook driven style of pop music complemented by smart lyrics and positive musical passages.

At their core, DAYTONA's songs tread the fine line between the exuberant and the melancholic, dealing with the familiar themes of uncertainty, love, the desire to move (first single "The Road" is a loose chronicle of a 40 day cycling trip from North Carolina to New Orleans that Simpson and Lauderdale made in 2008), and the importance of staying put.

The self-titled album was recorded in North Carolina by Ari Picker (Lost In the Trees) and mixed by Matt Boynton (MGMT, Hospitality) at Vacation Island in Brooklyn, NY.

Arizona Lights

Arizona Lights are a Philadelphia-based, three-piece rock band, formed in 2012. The quartet came together the way many city bands do: via a Craigslist query. Kevin Brosky and Virginia transplant John Bridstrup joined Chad Jordan and Shawn McCullough, members of previous musical projects together, and the group showed chemistry from the first basement jam sessions. Over the next several months, the band rehearsed regularly, building a repertoire of Brosky-and-Jordan-composed songs reliant on tight arrangements and atmospheric, three-part vocal harmonies. The band released its self-recorded, self-titled debut record in Spring 2013. In Summer 2014, they released the follow-up, Embers. Soon after, Jordan left the band, moving to California, and the three remaining members reorganized with a more simplified, electric sound.

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