No Age

No Age, comprised of Randy Randall on guitars and Dean Allen Spunt on drums, hail from LA and reside on Sub Pop records. They are classified as shoegaze, noiserock and punk, with a pedigree in hardcore. They have toured extensively, been featured on soundtrack and show, and can count Radiohead and Deerhunter as their fans. However, these descriptions simplify this project that has come together to create a whole that is far more than the sum of their parts.

No Age is a daydream wrapped in a bastion of sound that only becomes more real with each turn of the record. Sometimes while listening to songs such as “Glitter,” or “Teen Creeps” a feeling of familiarity begins to form—It is as if the music is from a favorite album that you have listened to since childhood and only now are beginning to appreciate. Then with a sudden awakening you are confronted with something new and strange that beckons to get under your skin. An itch that best is attended to with repeated sessions of eyes closed and headphones on. Or perhaps a live experience, surrounded by sweaty believers, cramming up to the stage and feeling your eardrums bleed.

With their first release, Weirdo Rippers, being a sample of the places they had been, and Nouns their sophomore album demonstrating the here and now, it was only fitting that their most recent, Everything In Between, would set the stage for the future. A future that leaves nothing behind and takes the journey further into the creation of blistering effects and layered noise that radiates outward from the unexpected.
Indeed it is unexpected to hear such strong and powerful noise from something so simplistic that it somehow exceeds expectations and delivers strongly with triumph. A vague description to be sure, but that is why No Age is an experience best experienced rather than described.



Cheatahs frontman Nathan Hewitt and guitarist James Wignall met eight years ago while working in a Camden pub, and instantly bonded over their shared passion for music and Seinfeld. Nathan had just moved to London from his hometown of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, while James, originally from Leicester, had moved to the capital after studying in Leeds. Fast-forward six years––each having played in various bands in between––and the friends finally began to work seriously together when Nathan asked James to collaborate on a batch of songs he'd been working on. The musical understanding between the two was instantaneous and they went about recruiting two friends to complete the lineup––bassist and producer Dean Reid, who had moved to London from San Diego, California, a few years before, and drummer Marc Raue, originally from Dresden, Germany.

Following a few tapes and seven inches on various labels, in June this year Cheatahs released their first EP, "Coared", recorded and produced by Dean, on Marshall Teller Records, of which the NME wrote: "by pushing the hooks and melodies to the fore and not just relying on the "sound", this new quartet are elevating themselves to be one of the best."

With songs written by Nathan and James beginning to pile up, the band decided to make a follow up EP immediately. Again produced by Dean, the quartet recorded the bulk of the music in their Hackney studio over a weekend in June. Shortly after, the band supported Milk Music in east London, a gig at which, as luck would have it, Mark and Ben from Wichita were in attendance. The duo were impressed by the set and asked the band if they had any recorded music they could listen to. After hearing "Coared" and the unreleased songs, Wichita offered to sign Cheatahs and put out the newly recorded EP – "SANS" – as their first release on the label. In February 5,2013 Extended Plays will be released in North America. The album combines the two UK releases of "Coared" and "SANS."

GRMLN is the musical project of 20 year old, Yoodoo Park. He was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to southern California at a young age (though he still goes back to Japan every summer). Yoodoo started playing music at the age of 13 when he was given a bass guitar and has been playing music ever since.

During the summer of 2010, Yoodoo started recording relaxing songs for himself to listen to in his car during lazy, summer afternoons. To capture the sound of relaxation in his songs, Yoodoo incorporated clean sounding guitar rhythms with a mixture of drowsy melodies. Surrounded and inspired by trees and coastal surf, Yoodoo’s interest in nature shows through amply in his music. In his Explore EP, GRMLN has been described as a sound that blends clean-rock and dream-pop.

Empire is GRMLN’s album for the cruisin’ world: Upbeat rock music with the feel of 90s pop-punk. The new tracks are much more rock-driven than Explore’s gentle, dreamy tunes. The album was mostly written the months preceding and during Yoodoo’s sophomore year at the University of California Santa Cruz. When the fall semester began, Yoodoo would either write in between classes or just ditch the day’s lessons all together in pursuit of a song.

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Erin plays guitar, Mick plays drums and Brad played drums too. Together we have played 7 shows now.

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