Fat Tree

What happens when you take the musical freedom of Dave Matthews Band, the positive rock energy from 311, the intelligent quirks of Ben Folds, the melodic funk of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the jazz-pop finesse and technicality of Herbie Hancock, the simple power of Jason Mraz, the rock riffs of Lynard Skynard and a splash of Bob Marley?

You would probably get something that sounds like Fat Tree. With that foundation of myriad influences, they have built a truly unique and engaging sound of their own.

Fat Tree is comprised of brothers Eric, Kyle, and Samuel Jacobs, and their long time friend Sam Bischof. They built a history together in the years they grew up in Alamogordo, NM, and that history shines through in their music, having roots in the past and branches into the future.

Fat Tree. A band that can rock with the hardest, chill with the coolest, impress your music instructor, and not take themselves too seriously! Old, young, and everyone in-between have been rallying around this unique band since their inception in early 2008. Their high energy and fun filled shows draw people from all facets of life.

They currently reside in the Phoenix valley in Arizona and play regular shows there. They independently released their first full length album, "The Great Give & Take" in December '09 and will be coming soon to a stage near you!

Fat Tree is a powerhouse of talent and fun! Their mission: "Flood the world with good music that most anybody can appreciate and enjoy. Give people an outlet to escape the pressures and troubles of the world. Put out the best music we can possibly dream up!"

So, come join in the musical celebration! Tap your feet, bob your head, do the happy dance, jump around, or just sit there! It doesn't matter, as long as you have fun and forget your worries! We invite one and all to participate in the musical journey that is Fat Tree.

Wallow in the Mire

To "Wallow in the Mire" is to get down and dirty in the muck and sludge. Wallow in the Mire is a gritty alternative rock band based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Josh Caballes - Lead Vocals.

With a powerful voice that can fuel a Boeing 747, Josh treats every show like it's his last. He performs with an incredible amount of energy that has baffled scientists for centuries.

Israel Lozoya - Drums/Songwriter.

Good luck finding a quieter guy with a louder voice. Israel's lyrics stay with you long after the show, and like Superman, when his glasses come off, he takes on out-of-this-world drumming powers.

Omar Lozoya - Electric Guitar/BGV's.

Omar is the glue that holds Wallow in the Mire together. He motivates and gives the group their cutting edge sound with his melodies and musical arrangements.

Jacob Cardona - Electric Guitar/BGV's.

This Guitar Extraordinaire will either amaze or enrage you with his incredible skills. Jacob has the ability to make astounding music using any instrument he picks up. You can definitely look forward to a mind-blowing experience.

The four of us came from different parts of the U.S. to become one, and our music is a reflection of that. We all grew up with different rock influences and we incorporate that into our music. Bands like Switchfoot, Kings of Leon, and Young the Giant are fused together to produce our alternative sound. Our goal as a band is to develop a style of alternative rock that is unique and unheard of. Most people stick to the same riffs or lyrics, but we use a variety of new concepts and ideas to inspire us. For example, our song, "She Cries Out" was written to represent something deeper than physical or superficial attraction in a relationship. We want our music to be something that people think about. Something that stays with them. Music like that is hard to find these days…and that's where we come in.

Wallow in the Mire has had the pleasure of performing in awesome events/venues, including South by Southwest (Austin, TX), Hard Rock (Phoenix, AZ), First Friday (downtown Phoenix), The Rhythm Room (Phoenix, AZ), The Nile Theater (Mesa), etc., as well as the privilege of opening for several bands, including Seventh Day Slumber, Dinner and a Suit, etc.

This band is committed to the community as well. Wallow in the Mire has had the honor of playing for several benefit concerts, including Hope Fest, To Write Love on Her Arms benefit show, etc.

Our major influences include Kings of Leon, The Used, and Switchfoot. We have completed an EP containing three original songs

$7.00 - $10.00


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