WTF? Fridays 4 Year Anniversary

WTF Fridays

Brad B and Foundation grew up in Indianapolis Indiana. Being from the Midwest they were in a unique position to be influenced by east coast hip hop such as A Tribe Called Quest, KRS One, and the Beastie Boys, to name a few. At the same time being Hit from the left coast with N.W.A., the Hieroglyphics, and Ice T, also just to name a few. Meanwhile, classic rock and the blues of Chicago, being so close is very apparent in the Midwest and in their sound.
Their live show is an audio/visual extravaganza that has captivated even the most jaded show patron. With big beat banging production from Foundation, the furious flows of one of the illest emcees of the last ten years Brad B, and Dumperfoo, one of the pioneers of the live art movement. They have toured extensively for the last eight years in the United States and Europe and have gathered a legion of die-hard fans from all walks of life and musical backgrounds. For the last twelve years the Insects have always stayed relevant and perhaps ahead of there time.



With Resident Funk Specialists J20 - Marvel - YKNOT - Zilla - Dr. J - Sauce On The Drums Live Art by Stevens & Caballero

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