9th Annual Rock for Tots

Vayden by definition is knowledge. The knowledge that the art of life is play. We don't play for product or pay. We don't play for notoriety or fame. We don't play to achieve an end result. We play because life is a game. There are only two things you can do with a game, let it sit and collect dust, or play it. It is our philosophy to play the game we love well and to always remember those who love us for it.

Vayden formed in Phoenix AZ in 2005, a city who's name is synonymous with rebirth. We have since shared stages with many amazing artists, been on national and international tours, received extensive radio play and have played festivals for thousands of people. We now reside in Los Angeles California where we have just wrapped up our third record, "The Maria Magdalena Session", a live acoustic CD/DVD recorded in a 100 year old church in Marne Germany, set for release March 16, 2012. Previous works include our debut album "Children of Our Mistakes" and a self titled EP, released in late 2011. Vayden could be categorized as a rock band but our influences span many generations and include everything from The Beatles to Patsy Cline, from Frank Zappa to Tool, from Tom Petty to Led Zeppelin and if you mix in some motown, a touch of classical and maybe a little jazz you now have a portion of the raw material that makes up Vayden.

The members of Vayden are: Curtis Casey, Armin Peterson, Jeffrey Covey and Bruce Weitz. We are four guys with common interests and philosophies and it is our intention to share the discoveries we make in the art of life and music with everyone who cares to listen.

Enjoy the game.

Ghetto Cowgirl

Tempe, AZ based band featuring:
Marc Norman- vocals
Curtis Grippe- drums
Scott Andrews - bass
Thomas Laufenberg- guitar

Jamie Woolford (The Stereo / Let Go)

The School of Rock Sugar Skulls

The School of Rock Sugar Skulls is a teen band that represents the East Valley Schools of Rock in AZ. They range from ages 11-17.


Tramps and Thieves are a new classic rock band who write their own songs. Following the lead of bands like the Rolling Stones, the Band and CCR, they are a worldwide phenomenon and everyone loves them.

Zubia Brothers

Although ostensibly a "new" project, making music has been a more like a lifelong passion for brothers Lawrence and Mark Zubia.

Born and raised in the overheated environs of Phoenix, Arizona, the gifted singer-songwriter tandem has become a veritable institution in the state, with a series of popular and successful combos. Notable among these groups were the Chimeras, a roots-rock powerhouse founded with longtime friend Doug Hopkins. Sadly, the late guitarist, who founded and led the Gin Blossoms to multi-platinum success, committed suicide. After Hopkins' passing the Chimeras regrouped, eventually morphing into the Pistoleros. With the name change also came a major label recording contract. The group's Hollywood Records debut Hang On To Nothing found the Zubias collaborating with a number of notable colleagues, including members of the Jayhawks and Smithereens. While the Pistoleros furthered their recorded legacy with a self-titled effort and the concert collection, Bars and Guitars, the Zubia brothers’ project, Voices on the Street, marks the first time the pair has recorded under the family name.

Utilizing some 30 years of music making experience and savvy - the Zubias began their careers as toddlers backing their father, a professional mariachi - the brothers’ new sound includes a heady mix of roots, country, mariachi and classic pop traditions. Their debut, produced by Jesse Valenzuela (Gin Blossoms, Stevie Nicks) and Michael Blum (Madonna, Suicidal Tendencies, New Radicals), reshapes the brothers’ well-defined sound, adding a post-modern edge without sacrificing any of their roughhewn charm and rock 'n' roll spirit. Also helping bring the Zubia's songs to life are a talented cast of collaborators including songwriter Gary Louris (Jayhawks, Golden Smog) drummer Gary Mallaber (Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Steve Miller) keyboardist Herman Jackson (Stevie Wonder, Tone Loc), and many others.

Although their tales of love and loss often involve emotional chaos, it's a turmoil offset by some of the most beautiful genetic harmonies and inviting melodies imaginable.

Mark and Lawrence are currently working on a second recording under the Zubia Brothers name. While they occasionally play with The Pistoleros, LZ also fronts The Persuaders and plays in an acoustic duo, and MZ sings and plays guitar in his band Los Guys and acoustic duo Los Thieves.

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