Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver Dogs are a motherfucker. With their paws planted firmly at the front of the party bus, Cadaver Dogs are happy to take you on a fast ride to the ends of decency, showing no mercy for those foolish enough to step in the path of their roaring rock spectacle. Like fireworks stuffed into live rats, the five tracks that make up their debut EP "Thrill Ride" explode with a nasty flash, leaving their grime behind to fester in your boiling brain. Three rock n' roll stallions have finally created the perfect soundtrack to gambling on Doberman fights in Reno and getting your first hand job behind a carnival side show tent. It's dirty, vivacious, and you know you shouldn't be allowed to like it, but your head keeps spinning and now there's no turning back. This is music for the depraved and the decadent, the fiendish and the self-indulgent. So who do you think you are?


MoonFox is a bone clattering, boot stomping, San Francisco based rock and roll band. Formed in the embers of 2011 by songwriter and lyricist Danika Ingraham, the group is a vehicle for bringing her nightmares and fantasies to life through the ritual magick of song. Taking inspiration from the poetic anarchy of Patti Smith, the world weary cynicism of Tom Waits, and the hellish fury of Nick Cave, MoonFox seeks to forge a sound instantly recognizable and approachable, with a heavy dose of introspective and emotional lyrics that eat away at the psyche of the listener long after the music ends.

A Happy Death

Amidst a cold and dirty New York winter, A Happy Death formed with the intention to create rock and roll music that has vintage tonality with a modern punch. They were soon playing the release show for their debut 7" Vinyl EP, which was recorded in the basement of a Ghost House. In search of a new weather climate, they moved across the country to Portland, Oregon. In the process of moving 3,500 miles from their hometown in Long Island, New York, the band lost their original drummer to a neglected rattle snake bite somewhere in the South Dakota Badlands. However, A Happy Death has moved on from this tragedy and along with their new drummer, they can be seen live in the Portland Metro area and surrounding states.

$5.00 - $8.00


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