Ghosts of Glaciers

Ghosts of Glaciers

Ghosts of Glaciers has a name that could alternately be an oblique reference to global warming or a poetic nod to the crags — inexplicable rock formations and giant rocks left on the ground when the most massive of glaciers from the last great ice age passed into history. The handle is fitting given the act's massive sound, which possesses a stark and majestic beauty of its own. Ghosts of Glaciers weaves together threads of Pelican's precision, the haunting and exhilarating aspects of Neurosis without the darkness, and the soaring melodies of Isis sans vocals. The act then puts that together with a drummer who's well versed in accenting guitar and bass and uses every heavy-drummer trick around with a versatile creativity. The result is a sound that perfectly balances heaviness and effervescent atmospheres.

Titan Arum

Groove/stoner metal.

Blakk Mantra

Blakk Mantra is a Denver-based metal band formed during the summer of 2013. With THEIR OWN melodic and heavy metal riffs, captivating lyrics, thick tones on the bass and rhythm sections, and classic, soulful, metal vocals this band will never fail to leave you wanting more. Inspired by bands such as Metallica and Black Sabbath, Acid bath, Abrahma, Corrosion of Conformity, Pantera, Orange Goblin, Clutch, Black label society just to name a few. Blakk mantra strives to share their music with the world. This band proves to be one of the best this side of the Mississippi. Members of the band consist of lead guitarist and vocalist Johnny Noble, Drew Shoup lead guitar/Rhythm, Bassist/Amber Biggart, Drums/ Tom Gladwell. Although inspired by our Forefathers of Rock and Metal, Blakk Mantra has a unique blend of harmonies, melodies, and song writing that stands alone. Our growth in the Music Industry means everything to us and each new fan and friend we gain while performing across the nation are the reasons why we continue to spread our music that we so passionately love. So we will see you on the STAGE!

Capitol Temper

Very melodic, rhythmic, like-minded talented individuals who have come together with heavy aspirations to show the world they have something to offer in the Entertainment Industry. Formed by Alexi and Dom with the ultimate goal of creating a business minded working band and after many other members finally Dillon bass came to join, thus forming the current Power Trio... still looking for more members but not sitting and waiting around for them.

Bless This Catastrophe

Isaac Johnson-Lead Vocals, Marc Rodriguez-Lead Guitar, Chrystle Johnson-Bass, Chris Cornelius-Drums

$3.00 - $6.00


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