Let's Do It Again - Give Thanks Edition

For those used to watching rappers posture onstage by themselves, or backed by a DJ, experiencing a group like Bayonics is a real eye-opener. As Jairo later explains, hip-hop is "definitely the easiest way" to reach young people these days. However, "when you see a live band playing hip-hop, it kinda blows your wig back."

Some call it a movement. Others say it's a revival. But there's no denying that the blending of hip-hop with live instrumentation and a variety of other genres -- including funk, jazz, salsa, reggaeton and rock -- is one of the freshest, most happening things going in the Bay Area's multicultural music scene.

The idea of a band fusing hip-hop with live instrumentation is far from an anomaly in the Bay Area -- it's part of local tradition. During the mid-'90s heyday of the acid-jazz era, groups like Alphabet Soup, the Mo'fessionals, the Broun Fellinis, Mingus Amungus and Jungle Biskit enthralled hipster crowds at such San Francisco venues as the Up & Down Club and the Elbo Room. For these artists, soul, jazz and hip-hop were all interchangeable elements of the musical mix. But though acid jazz eventually fell out of fashion, the music never stopped -- it's just taken on new forms.

Bayonics' multifaceted sound could be seen as the hip-hop generation's answer to the Latin fusion of the '70s -- think Malo and Santana, minus the guitar pyrotechnics and with a more street-wise style. Getting that sound has been an evolutionary process. The band started six years ago as a traditional salsa group, Mala Fama, that emerged out of the Loco Bloco drum ensemble.

Da Mainland

Da Mainland is a newly remodeled band that has a new sound and a few new members! New members include Larry Mantanona - Drums (2010), Jerad Timmons- Lead Guitar (2011) and Thomas Te'o- Singer/Vocals (2011). Our new sound comprises a more polished commercial style rock infused with a reggae style plus a hip hop vocal vibe to top it all off! Altogether the end product is a sound that everybody will be raving about! So come check us out!

Arden Park Roots (BAND CANCELLED)

APR is quickly becoming a common name in the huge California rock/reggae scene, a scene which seems to be spreading all over the country. It was evident as their tours got longer and further away in 2011. And their 3rd full-length album, "Pipe Dreams" debuted at number 2 on the iTunes reggae charts. Produced by legendary producer Scott Mathews, this Junior release is expected to receive enough attention to catapult their careers. APR has 6 major awards under their belts including the Sacshows Local Music Awards two years in a row for "Best Reggae/Rock/Funk band." Look for them to roll through your town in 2012 as their tour schedule will span all the way to the east coast and possibly overseas! Pick up the new album on iTunes or just about any other web outlet! "We take the turn, medicate when we burn... relax, it's a pipe dream." -APR

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