JOAKIM (LIVE) [Tigersushi], Feadz [Ed Banger Records]

JOAKIM (LIVE) [Tigersushi]

Joakim is one of France’s foremost electronic musicians, but remains, stylistically, hard to pin down. With a background in classical music, indie rock and mid 90s electronic music it becomes apparent that his lineage has much to do with his breeding.

Our story starts at University, where Joakim found himself the surrogate father of a synthesiser after a departed campus mate callously left it in his room. The debut album ‘Tiger Sushi’ was composed entirely of free-jazz samples in a cheap studio setup, before moving into more personal territory with 2003's sophomore album ‘Fantômes.' In 2007 we saw the release of the ambitious Monsters and Silly Songs’ [2007], combining post-punk, disco, electronics and, well, silly songs.

From here Joakim went a short road of discovery through the media of the Remix, enjoying a prolific period remixing artists such as Goldfrapp, Friendly Fires, DJ Mehdi, Cut Copy, Tiga, Fisherspooner, Late of Pier, Max Berlin and Zombie Zombie amongst others. The former informed Joakim's latest album 'Milky Ways' (2009) which combined the charm of Kosmische with the efficiency of Pop Music. "Making a pure dance album would almost be like composing an album entirely in F major,” says Joakim. “I jump from one idea to the next. I simply have to try everything and see where it leads, to find my way."

In 2011, Joakim released his 4th album entitled "Nothing Gold" on Tigersushi, going further into Pop explorations. 2012 was the time to sit in the producer chair, recording and mixing albums for Zombie Zombie, Montevideo, Acid Washed...

Feadz [Ed Banger Records]

Feadz is a child of hip hop who made his first step as a DJ in the early 90’s. After some adventures with a scratchband and alongside of Mr Oizo he releases his first solo record in 2001 on Ellen Allien’s german label: B-pitch Control.

A few years later he reconnected to France producing Uffie’s LP and his own stuff on Busy P’s label Ed Banger Records. With about 60 tracks on Bpitch and Ed Banger and many remixes over the last 10 years Feadz is respected as one of the strongest french producers.

With his culture, technique and unique flair he is also known to be an exceptional DJ, making a strong impact everywhere he plays.

Speakerbot is the robot-DJ alias of New Jersey's Aashish Bansal. Aash has been producing his own blend of deep house, disco, and funk for the last 6 years and can be found playing his eclectic mix for crowds in house parties, venues, and festivals all over the Northeast. Backed by an incredible stage presence and almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things electronic, his shows are an engaging dance party that is sure to get any crowd moving.
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