Ocean Rivals

Ocean Rivals

Gemini Hustler

With a name taken from a random truck window decal seen by drummer Phil Weseman in his hometown of St. Charles, Gemini Hustler had their name years before the band's formation. As soon as Phil saw the words, he knew he wanted to use them as a band name. Two bands later, that dream came true. Formed from the remains of St. Louis alternative rock band, Brickshy, Gemini Hustler pulls a complete 180 degree turn from it's power-pop predecessor. Before writing any songs, the members agreed that no matter what, the music had to live up to the name. A combination of the Gemini's bi-polar type personality and a hustler's ability to surprise others with their skills had to be reached. More importantly, the group decided not to paint a musical picture using the colorings of their influences, but to mix their paints into a new color. Using Indie Rock as an easel, Gemini Hustler had started painting away. In the winter of 2011 Phil decided to part ways with GH, thus bringing in the newest color, Thomas Bales.



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