Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle

You already know what it is. From the way he greets you, to the words that he speaks. The uniform he wears is bold, aggressive and absolutely intimidating. He's authentic - the offspring of the West Coast's most celebrated talent - yet and still a novelty all his own. In an industry that's fallen victim to bubble gum lyrics and erroneous dance fads to match, he's the spokesperson the block wants for. He's the sociopolitical outrage of Ice Cube and N.W.A. He's Snoop Dogg before you knew his name and Ice T after an unexpected knock at 6 o'clock in the morning. He's the very definition of Slauson & Crenshaw - a self-inspired movement and a name you can trust. He is Nipsey Hussle.

Special Guest: Erk tha Jerk

Erk Tha Jerk is not your every day, ordinary rap artist. In an era where the majority of artists are all sounding the same, looking the same, and doing the same things, Erk stands out as a real one of a kind artist. At first glance, you would not assume that Erk was a rapper/producer/songwriter, but with his trademark glasses, wit, and laid back persona, he brings something that your average music listener can embrace and relate to. He explains, "Being myself is a must. That's the kind of music I make. Real sh*t. I don't feel the same everyday. Some days I'm on my get money sh*t, then the next I'm on my chill at home sh*t. I just make sure everybody can relate."

Erk found that finding credible production to accompany his lyrics would not be an easy task, which led him to start teaching himself the art of making beats. After some time, Erk's production talents had become quite formidable, and he produced all of his own work, and other artists began seeking him out to produce their work as well.

Even though his status as a producer was growing, his heart has always been in his raps. In late 2007, he dropped "The Hood Nerd" mixtape, which created some buzz around him as an artist, and got the streets talking. The song "Don't Need Em" became a favorite of DJ's and listeners, and has been getting significant plays on 106.1 KMEL. In order to capitalize off the building buzz, Erk released "The Hood Nerd EP" exclusively on iTunes featuring the hit song "Don't Need Em", which is a precursor to an upcoming album, which is in the making. In June 2008, Erk released "Im So Dumb" which is a witty, comedic song satirizing the "Hyphy Movement", and effectively pronouncing it dead. The song has been receiving praise from all over the region for its blunt honesty, and has been considered a long overdue message by many of the most powerful figures and artists in the local scene.

In 2009, Erk collaborated with Bay Area Legend Too $hort on the single "Plane In The Air". Also in 2009, Erk struck gold by dropping his HIT Single "Right Here" which quickly shot to the number 1 spot on 106KMEL's playlist. "Right Here" became one of the biggest records for the Bay Area from a Bay Area Artist the region has seen in years, further establishing his ability to make hit songs. Recently charting on Billboards top 100 and recognized by MTV as having a "Regional Hit."

His lyrical talents and vibrant personality are evident in the song, and has every one talking about Erk Tha Jerk. You can expect Erk to do what he does best, "Make hit music for real people."

Troy & Lyrical Tone of ( Legends Live Forever)

Troy (of Legends Live Forever) is a San Francisco Native Born & raised in the Fillmore district. Troy is currently 1/4 of the Group Legends Live Forever formed in 2006. They have released a Total of 7 Mixtapes throughout the Bay Area & are looking to continue to represent The Fillmore & San Francisco as a whole! Working with Artist such as Big Rich, Bailey, Jay Ant, and a host of other Bay Area representatives has given Troy his respect amongst those he has come in contact with.

With the host of mixtapes from the group Legends Live Forever such as "Againsts All Odds" which was featured on as well as selling hard copies in stores such as Amoeba & Rasputin which featured the 2008 hit "Lean" which received over 250k views on worldstarhiphop. To the "None Like Us" series which brought you "Rose Petals" (also on worldstarhiphop ) and a host of other great songs that blessed the ears of listeners.

Troy has strived to grow as an artist every project which has lead him to releasing his Debut Solo project "Til Death Do Us Part" & The latest effort "10.20" which was released on his birthday 10.20.2013!

Lyrical Tone representing the Fillmore District of San Francisco, California has seen it all. Deciding to take a shot at Rap Music in 2005, Lyrical Tone created the music group Legends Live Forever consisting of 3 Rappers and 1 Singer. Since 2005 Legends Live Forever has released 1 Album and 6 Mixtapes as well as working with scores of artist from San Francisco and around the Bay Area. In 2013 Lyrical Tone decided to challenge himself more as an artist and dropped his first ever solo project March 6, 2013 entitled "Live Forever" Mixtape which also features 1st ever production from Lyrical Tone. "Some are destined to succeed and some are determined to succeed" and Lyrical Tone believes just that and has since released his second solo mixtape "Live Forever 2" which features 7 out of 13 tracks produced by himself!

Hunidd Proof

“Huniddproof” was born and raised in Oakland, Ca. The name “Huniddproof” was chosen from free styling in middle school where a close friend dubbed his abilities as being 100% proof. Having attended a high school that focused on the arts, Proof began developing his talent and realized the gift he had for writing lyrics and hooks at the age of seventeen, and it was then that he took the music game seriously. Describing his earlier influences like Busta Rhymes, and Pete Rock, metaphorically speaking, he’s second to none. Using his life experiences as his subject matter in songs, he delivers a powerful punch over potent bass lines, whereas anyone that grew up in the streets of Oakland could relate.

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