Door No. 3 Comedy Presents: What's Behind Door Number 3?

Door No. 3 Comedy Presents: What's Behind Door Number 3?

Double Door in Wicker Park (1572 N. Milwaukee Ave.), the historic rock venue that has hosted acts such as The Rolling Stones and Smashing Pumpkins is now home to Chicago’s most exciting new comedy show. They’ve renovated their downstairs space, and will host a FREE weekly comedy show featuring the best of Chicago’s burgeoning alternative comedy scene. What’s Behind Door Number 3 occurs each Tuesday at 7pm, and is already becoming a “must-see” staple of Chicago’s vibrant comedy scene. Each week the show features Chicago’s foremost stand-up comedians, alongside the city’s top-rated variety acts, and a topical news segment from the writers of the cult-favorite satire site The Whiskey Journal. Hosted by the powerhouse team of Rob Wilson and Jamie Campbell, with a live house-band, and the folks of ¡Awesomonster! recording the show for their podcast, this show is far from your typical comedy fare.
The impressive lineups for the remaider of 2013 are as follows:

November 19: Bill Cruz headlines! Considered Chicago’s premier queer comedian, Bill Cruz has been a staple of the city’s stand-up comedy scene for the past 8 years. The Denver native and self-proclaimed “flaming Broncos Fan” performs regularly at the Lincoln Lodge, Zanies Comedy Club, Chicago Underground, Laugh Factory Chicago, and several Mikey-O Comedy Shows, as well as at colleges and clubs across the Midwest, New York, and Los Angeles. He can currently be seen in OUTLAUGH: The Gay and Lesbian Comedy Festival on Netflix.
He is joined by Mikey Manker (Zanies), musical-guest Sayjal Joshi (Second City TourCo.), and Tim Barnes (Double Feature) with news from The Whiskey Journal and hosted by Rob Wilson and Jamie Campbell.

November 26: Marty DeRosa headlines! Marty has had a #1 comedy album on iTunes and has been recognized as an emerging talent by Time Out Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Red Eye and Chicago Magazine. In addition to performing stand-up across the country, Marty hosts the critically acclaimed podcast Wrestling with Depression and, alongside pro wrestler Colt Cabana, produces and performs Worst Promo Ever a weekly series poking fun of the world of professional wrestling.
He is joined by Stephanie Hasz (NC Comedy Arts Festival), the anarchistic improv of The Stevens Family (Columbus Unscripted Improv Festival), and Emily Lake (Laugh Factory, Two Hour Comedy Hour) with news from The Whiskey Journal and hosted by Rob Wilson and Jamie Campbell.

December 3: Megan Gailey headlines! In the past year, Megan was selected as one of Comedy Central’s “Chicago Comics to Watch”. She has performed alongside the likes of Brad Garrett, Kevin Nealon, Amy Schumer, Paul Reiser, Doug Benson, April Macie and TJ and co-hosts the popular podcast Naked Sports Live.
She is joined by stand-up Matty Ryan (TBS Just For Laughs, Parlour Car Comedy), musical guest Abbaria (Laughingstock Music Festival), and Jeff Steinbrunner (Chicago Underground Comedy), with news from The Whiskey Journal and hosted by Rob Wilson and Jamie Campbell.

December 10: Kellye Howard headlines! Kellye destroys audiences with her hilarious dissections of stereotypes of societal expectations. With television appearances on Comedy Central, OWN’s My Life is a Joke, and Nickelodeon, it’s only a matter of time until Kellye establishes herself as a true monster of comedy.
She is joined by Ricky Gonzalez (Lincoln Lodge), magician John Sturk, and Kevin Pomeroy (100 Proof Comedy) with news from The Whiskey Journal and hosted by Rob Wilson and Jamie Campbell.

December 17: Sherman Edwards headlines! Sherman Edwards has been named ‘Best Stand Up Comic in Chicago by the "Chicago Reader" and has been lucky enough to perform at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival in Chicago, The Del Close Marathon in New York, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. He currently tours nationally with the critically acclaimed MISSION: Improvable.
He is joined by Kristen Toomey (Hoo Ha Comedy), Mar’son & the FYF Crew (Up Comedy Club), and Calvin Evans (Jokes & Notes) with news from The Whiskey Journal and hosted by Rob Wilson and Jamie Campbell.
With Chicago being a hub for the nation’s top touring comics, you never know who will stop by to do a guest set on any given night!
Door Number 3 Comedy presents What’s Behind Door Number 3 every Tuesday night at Double Door (1574 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL). The show is FREE and starts at 7pm. For more information, visit

Marty DeRosa

With his quick wit and versatile voice, Marty DeRosa has blended his talent for stand up comedy and his love of pro wrestling to become a favorite of critics, fans, and Twitter followers alike.

As a founding member of "Comedians You Should Know", the premier independently run stand up showcase in Chicago, DeRosa has had a #1 comedy album on itunes and has been recognized as an emerging talent by Time Out Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Red Eye, and Chicago Magazine. He performs stand up all over the country which lead him to a partnership with pro wrestler Colt Cabana.

Together they produce and perform "Creative Has Nothing For You", a weekly series poking fun of the behind the scenes world of professional wrestling. CHNFY has been featured in Britain's Fighting Spirit Magazine and has many devoted international and US fans.

The duo also collaborate on "$5 Wrestling", a series of DVDs, keeping their cult following thoroughly entertained. In the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000, riffed and improvised commentary makes the wrestling they showcase "So bad, it's good!" "$5 Wrestling" recently made it's debut on pay-per-view.

"Wrestling With Depression", DeRosa's critically acclaimed podcast, is an honest and humorous series of interviews with fellow comedians, wrestlers, and performers, reconciling the creative process with the daily struggle of depression. It has been profiled by Comedy of Chicago and The Onion's AV Club.

Stephanie Hasz

Rising from small-town Wisconsin, Stephanie Hasz attacks the stage with the same vigor with which she attacks herself. Her raw honesty about being a single young woman with a propensity for short hair-cuts and tough-guy jackets has made her one of the loudest, most unique voices in the Chicago comedy scene. Stephanie’s fearlessness and specificity as she unravels her own life into a microphone resonates with audiences of all kinds, and has made her one of the most-discussed comedians in Chicago.

Stephanie has performed at clubs including Zanies and the Laugh Factory, as well as alternative rooms and venues such as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the Hideout, Chicago Underground Comedy, and The Creek and The Cave. The AV Club called her one of “the city’s most exciting up-and-comers,” and Time Out Chicago described her as displaying “a fury and vulnerability rarely seen from female comics.” She has also been featured yelling about things in the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago RedEye.

Stevens Family

The Stevens Family show is a hilarious mixture of long-form, short form, game spittin', shit talkin', and havin' yer pants down singin'. We'll transform the stage into the craziest fuckin party you've ever seen. The Stevens Family is improv's favorite hillbilly family and our motto is "we only care about two things, kickn' ass and takin' suggestions.

I don't recall none of of us knows the true origins of "The Stevens Family". The old medicine man in our trailer park used to tell stories bout the golden era of meth and how our family goes back all the way to WW2. I also heard our pappy talkin one time about how some of our elders were part of the original government amphetamine experiments. I thought that made the most sense. Either way, we like to fuck and so there are a shit-ton of us Stevens's.

My name is Emily. I had a sensible childhood in a small town with wonderful, well-meaning parents. Now, I write and tell jokes in public places. Some things just can't be explained.

I've played many of the most notable stand-up venues in the country, including the Improv, Zanies, The Comedy Store, and The Comic Strip to name a few, as well as friend's backyards, scary dive bars, and to crowds of less than three people. I was a staff writer for Talk Hard, the uncensored late night talk show at Comedy Sportz and am teaching comedy classes there in the fall.

If you look at my picture, my eyes will follow your every move. I'm sorry about this.

Recent Published Reviews:
Featured Comic: The Comic Bible
Time Out Chicago: Pick of the week: "Emily Lake's material is as solid as it's ever been..."
Featured in Nothin' Less News

I've trained at the world famous comedy schools Second City and I.O. and am a member of the infamous improv troupe The Fireman's Guild.
I also co-produce a popular weekly stand-up showcase called the Two Hour Comedy Hour every Saturday night at the Gallery Cabaret in Chicago.

We've been noticed:
“Best Weekly Show” Splitsider, 2013
“Featured Comedy Show” Time Out Chicago, 2012
“Member's Pick” Chicago Reader, 2012
Featured in Re:COM Magazine, 2013

It's pretty cool. You should check it out.



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