Benoit & Sergio

Benoit & Sergio produce dance jams that sometimes seem like musical open letters: editorials narrated in the voices of unidentified, yet totally recognizable colorful characters, read aloud against a backdrop of beautifully lush, warm and sensuous electronic pop music. The unexpected juxtaposition of such pristine production and lyricism exemplifies why Benoit & Sergio are one of the most unique and interesting outfits in dance music.

Not content to make DJ fodder, the duo draws from influences mostly uncommon to the house and techno zeitgeist; bands like Talking Heads, Pavement and Roxy Music are sources of inspiration, along with electronic acts like Daft Punk and Ricardo Villalobos. All these influences resonate clearly in their music, joined by a kind of sexualized melodrama that makes its way into lyrics about loneliness, French girls, wine and Ferraris.

Cooper Saver

Cooper has been an avid music collector all his life and helps curate regular club nights in the LA area where he often DJs with both local and international guests. In his spare time Cooper likes writing his own music and spending time collaborating creatively with like-minded individuals of the cities he loves.

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