Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy

There's not much difference between a playground bully, a corporate CEO and the self-absorbed figureheads of many of the world's current administrations. They'll all tell you that by surrendering your lunch money or tax dollars, they're working toward "your best interests." And we all realize these people are merely imposing a will of their own choosing. Nobody knows these constructs like Ogre and cEVIN Key, the braintrust behind Skinny Puppy, who, while entering their third decade working together, remain the world's most forward-thinking electronic/industrial-rock unit. Mythmaker, their 13th disc, is a harrowing song cycle framed in dark, intriguing atmospheres that explores the concept of control and the manipulation of culture that falsely enhances the lives of the duplicitous. It is to their credit—and longevity—that Skinny Puppy have been able to simultaneously cast light on societal ills and expand the sonic notions of their music with considerable aplomb.

Army Of The Universe

The Army Of The Universe was founded in 2008 by Electronic Dance producer Tebla and Lord K, lead singer of the band Kult of the Skull God.

In 2010, guitar player Dave Tavecchia joined the band and one year later Chris Vrenna (NIN, Marilyn Manson, Tweaker) co-produced the first album Mother Ignorance (Metropolis Records).
The sound of the Army Of The Universe is made of anaolg synths and blade guitars, speeding around the echoes of 80's metal and 90's industrial, throughout the underground of Brit's school electronica, new wave and techno beats.

The first AOU works explored the frontiers of post-rock and post-electronica, under a new, different industrial prospective.
The band and their debut album Mother Ignorance have been considered one of the newest and most exciting surprises throughout both the industrial and rave scenes.

The tour that took the band around the US, Canada, and Europe for over 50 shows in 2011, has proved the resistance of the underground scene and the loyalty of the fans.

In 2012, after having produced a special single track Take Control for an Adidas viral ad campaign, AOU has signed their new EP Kill The F* DJ to Dim Mak Records.

Chris Vrenna is now an official member of the Army Of The Universe and in 2013 the band will release one EP on Metropolis Records (Until The End), one single on Dim Mak Records (PNRZ!) and the long awaited second full length album The Hipster Sacrifice.

In 2013 Trebla and Lord K will take the Army Of The Universe DJ set around the planet, mixing dark underground sounds with live vocal performances.


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