The Blind Spots

The Blind Spots

This Ithaca, NY based, all original, female-fronted, five-piece band is driving hard at bigger things and has been busy building an airtight justification for all the buzz surrounding it, both in its hometown and throughout the region.  The band gets better and better, with its charging, intricate rhythm section, eclectic library of keyboard sounds, and bold and inventive electric guitar stylings.  Electrifying lead vocalist and force of nature Maddy Walsh can hang with the best of them, continuing to reach new heights with her voice at every show and on every recording.

Walsh possesses that instantly recognizable raw talent that makes each Blind Spots show an experience that audience members walk away raving about.  There are only so many female rock vocalists throughout history to reference when drawing vocal comparisons, meaning that Walsh has heard the "Janis" comparison often.  "I sound nothing like her," she admits.  "I'm a giant Janis fan, but I have very little in common with her vocally.  When people see a female vocalist having fun commanding the stage, she's all they can think of.  So while I know it's meant as a compliment, it's a shame we don't have more rockin' ladies to look to.  The tides are shifting, though, and talented women in rock are really starting to surface... Thank god."  More recently Walsh's voice has been compared to Grace Potter's, Adele's, Edie Brickell's, and Bonnie Raitt's, but given the style of music she's chosen to sing—not to mention her original lyrics, derived from a background in poetry—none of those references quite hit the mark.  "I just wanna sound like Otis Redding," she says.  "Doesn't everyone?"

Upon entering its fourth year, it's clear that the band is no longer a baby; the group has matured at an incredible rate. Its members all attest that the recent recognition they've garnered isn't a stroke of luck, but has come from some seriously hard work.  "We've put in have a lot of hours together," says lead guitarist and co-founder Mike Suave.  "We're lucky to have a group of such dedicated people working toward a common goal and all thinking about the future."  It's the dedication to writing new material and rehearsing, the refusal to slow down, and the shared love of the music they make together that continues to propel The Blind Spots forward and set them apart. Since the release of their debut album, El Camino Dream [2010], a well-loved tight and inspired ten-song collection that showcases the band's energy and expansive creativity, The Blind Spots have played a handful of the northeast's well-renowned clubs and have been invited to play at a number of summer festivals, including the Sterling Stage Folk Fest and the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance, where they packed the Cabaret Hall so tightly that some of their proud family members couldn't squeeze in. 

In a musical-minded town, virtually teeming with talented artists, The Blind Spots have really had to earn their notoriety in Ithaca. "It's a great place to come from if you're a serious musician," says Walsh.  "It's a good training ground." Ithaca serves now as a supportive springboard that allows The Blind Spots to catapult into new areas, and they plan to continue expanding their radius.  Since their 2011 and 2012 performances at GrassRootsthey've enjoyed gracious reception on some larger stages, including the Homer Center for the Arts, and at colleges, including the University of Vermont and SUNY Brockport.

The band recently released a highly anticipated, charging six-song EP called Small Stampede [October 26, 2012], which was recorded and produced at both Electric Wilburland Studios in Newfield, NY with Will Russell, (who mastered El Camino Dream), and at the lenegdary Pyramid Sound in downtown Ithaca with Alex Perialas. The album was also mastered at Georgetown Masters in Nashville, TN. Keep an eye on The Blind Spots, as they are on their way to winning the hearts of new devotees.

The Gunpoets

Off the beaten path nestled in the deep gorges of Ithaca, New York, there are whisperings of a musical revolution in the air. The scene is abuzz as the cutting edge new school hip hop sound of The Gunpoets takes the world by storm. Heavy bass, hard hitting drums, silky smooth keys and sexy guitar licks sweep audiences away as listeners find their bodies unable to resist the explosive rhythms. Add turntables and a microphone? Well, let's just say they won’t know what hit ‘em.

With partner in rhyme Jayhigh by his side, front man Rising Sun owns the stage and captivates the crowd at every twist and turn. To witness The Gunpoets in action is to see live rap music at its best! Their display of passion and energy is indeed a sight to behold. Powerful, positive, peaceful and at times political, they can work fans into a frenzy with one song and seduce them into a trance with the next. The Gunpoets seamlessly fuse hip hop with pop, rock, soul and funk to bring the world their own unique flavor. They have all the ingredients. Their recipe? Music with a message that inspires and uplifts the heart and soul.

The Gunpoets have shared the stage with artists and bands such as Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, DJ Premier, Arrested Development, Midnite, John Brown’s Body, Sim Redmond Band, J-san and the Analogue Sons, Thousands of One, The Rozatones, Sophistafunk and many more. They recently released their highly anticipated debut LP "Shoot the Stars", an album stuffed to the rafters with catchy tunes and cleverly crafted rhymes that showcases the bands versatility and musicianship. Whether they're on the road rocking crowds or in the lab working on their latest concoctions, they're making music around the clock and loving every minute of it. Check out the newest from The Gunpoets on iTunes and online, and catch them live when they come to a city near you!



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