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On a return trip from South by Southwest, the three brothers who make up Pontiak conceived of recording an expressionistic record. Something unlike anything they had tried before. They imagined it as a color project, painted through music, favoring the traditional form of the song to explore texture and color. The album was an ambitious undertaking and would require deconstructing and then rebuilding their studio in order to be able to record it the way they envisioned it.

The first step was to find a new mixing board. They found a Soundcraft 6000 24 track analog mixing board for sale on an exotic animal compound in Arkansas. To their surprise it was tucked away in a studio next to giant Moog synthesizers and had been used to record Herbie Hancock. Board in hand, they returned home and began rebuilding their studio to capture both the band's heavier sound and the melodic nuances they're becoming known for. They focused on the acoustic properties of the space, paying great attention to the subtlety of the room. After a detour to the Austin Psych Fest that involved tornadoes and chainsaws, recording began immediately.

Recorded at their farm studio in the heart of Virginia, Van, Lain, and Jennings rotated between their respective instruments and engineering duties. They treated the recording equipment as another instrument, placing just as much importance on the sound leaving the amps and drum skins as the sound written on the tape. If it wasn't as colorful and tangible throughout the entire songwriting process it was unacceptable. While previous Pontiak albums had been approached more loosely as snapshots of a specific time, focusing on the current songs, and their current energy, Echo Ono is different. It was conceived of as an album. Instead of recording hours and hours of songs and then fitting the best pieces together, careful attention was paid to the narrative of the album and the structure of the songs as well as how each directed that narrative. What was left to chance was what would happen when the band pushed these structures to the extreme in performance and volume. The band used several different amps to test these boundaries: a 1969 Fender Dual Showman Reverb, a 1973 Sunn Model-T, a 1969 Sunn 200s, a 1975 Fender Bassman 100, a Vox AC30, and for effect an Echoplex tape delay. Lain used two drum sets: a 1946 mahogany Slingerland Radio King set with a matching solid maple snare, and a 1967 maple Ludwig kit. No distortion or overdrive pedals were used. If an amp started to act unpredictably, they turned it up. If a speaker started rattling, they pushed it.

As the summer began to wind down and the album took shape, it became clear that they had realized their love of texture and color that loud music produces. Music so loud it produces physical vibrations in your chest. Echo Ono felt like a complete whole, as well as their most concise and direct album to date. It was like walking to the top of a hill in a field and watching the sky expand, a vision fully realized.

Galia Social

Galia Social is stirring some serious buzz in the Orlando area. With their afro-cuban driven rhythm section and in-your-face guitar chops, it's hard to ignore a group with such a unique style and composition. Having no designated "lead vocalist", the trio of Colby Peters, Ed Rizo, and Christian Logaglio share the main vocal spotlight while uniting for three-part harmonies that carve their catchy hooks right into your eardrum. The live presentation contains a high energy level including extra content that you will not hear on studio recordings. They are a group of focused talent that your eyes and ears do not want to miss, and will be captivating audiences in a city near you shortly.

Guardian Alien

Guardian Alien is a free wheeling ensemble coming into its own, having found just the right balance between structured arrangements and wild abandon. Helmed by Greg Fox, who has lent his percussive force to the likes of Teeth Mountain, Dan Deacon, and Liturgy, the ensemble was initially an extension of his solo music (GDFX). It rapidly took on its own identity and expanded to a core group of Greg (drums, vocals, electronics, arrangements), Alex Drewchin (vocals, synth), Turner Williams Jr. (shahai baaja), Bernard Gann (guitar and also of Liturgy), and Eli Winograd (bass), all of whom have lent their expansive talents to numerous other projects.

Guardian Alien's Thrill Jockey debut, See the World Given to a One Love Entity, is a 40 minute psychic/psychedelic meditation that is driven by an intensity that is at once expansive, focused, and heavy on multiple levels. The overall arc of the album is transportive and trance inducing. The cover artwork painted by Turner Williams is based on a specific and particularly weird experience of Greg's. It mirrors the music in its open-ended playfulness and true psychedelia.

To say that the music of Guardian Alien is also meant to be an experience is an understatement. Guardian Alien was very much born of the live performance so it is fitting that their first fully conceived album was recorded at Shea Stadium, the band's spiritual home, which is run by Greg's cousin Adam. It was mastered by Heba Kadry at the Lodge (Wooden Shjips, Eternal Tapestry). See the World Given to a One Love Entity is a single composition with a strong, singular vision. It is the culmination of a band coalescing as a group while heedlessly delving into the depths of the psyche driven by their core desire to expand their horizons, both musical and otherwise.


Gloomwolf was founded in early 2013 by Taryn Roberts, Casey Lerman, and Grant Bonilla. After a groundbreaking performance on Expander, a UCF college radio show, they tacked on the drumming abilities of Riley Corcoran (operator of Expander radio.) Since the completion of the line up, Gloomwolf has self produced their first e.p. "The Bitter End" which has lead to a string of successful shows for packed rooms of invigorated fans.
With strong influences ranging from Joy Division, and The Pixes to Built to Spill, and The Smiths, the band has something to offer all music lovers and has picked up quite a bit of momentum, gaining new fans constantly. Gloomwolf has also released their second e.p. "Youth is Wasted." After Playing Will's Pub, and being described as "an intriguing bouillabaisse of potential" in Orlando Weekly, released may 8th. The band was able to hone its sound even farther to attain a more cohesive genre style, a style that will be presented in up coming releases . The band recorded in Phat Planet Recording Studios on June 16th. The band will be releasing three new songs in the fall. Gloomwolf will continue to write, release, and perform music in a profound and original style as the group's fan base expands propelling them into the fore front of today's rock music scene.

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