Montrel Richardson

Montrel Richardson

Montrel Richardson is an American pop/rock singer and songwriter from Las Vegas, NV. Montrel relocated to New York City in pursuit of a career in music. Varied influences from Keith Urban to Michael Jackson fuel his ethnically diverse sound. He writes honestly about personal life experiences and infuses his story telling with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. He began his career in music singing at assorted open mic locations throughout Manhattan. Montrel is busy at work recording his debut record with Sony/ATV writer/ producer Craig Travis.
Montrel is scheduled to release an EP in early 2015, and a full album by summer of the same year. He is currently touring locally and will be traveling nationally and internationally within the months to come. Sign up to the mailing list to keep up with #TEAMTREL!!!


We are the CRAFT. The world that we live in is a magical place. It is a intriguing space, filled with beauty, wonder and compassion. Unfortunately, along side this appealing plane lays another. A space coexisting beside ours composed of ignorance and hate. We only strive to stay elevated, to float lightly upon a cloud drifting toward enlightenment. Our only hope is to establish a point at which we can reach out to our fellow man and extend an invitation. We welcome you to join us in spreading a message, a message of mercy and understanding. A message of will and resilience armed with nothing more then a positive outlook, our fans and our music. We believe it’s possible to move mountains, to achieve the impossible and shape this world into a conducive habitat, allowing imagination to run rampant and for love to flourish unrestrained.



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