Leopold And His Fiction

Leopold And His Fiction

Naked, stripped down and aching with adrenaline is the rawness of Leopold and his Fiction. A revolving group of friends led by Daniel James (lead vocal/guitar), their essential make up sprouted from collaborations made on the road in the whirlwind cycle of touring. From San Francisco to LA to Austin various musical adventures had come and gone, until James found a common vision in the musicians he'd met along the way. Originally formed as an outlet for Daniel to exercise his virtues gained from years living in Detroit, Leopold and his Fiction absorbed pieces of the Motown catalog along with the protopunk resonance of Iggy's Stooges and molded them into a personal version of the rock 'n' roll dream. It's as if they, themselves, are connected directly into an electrical outlet. "The band elicits a power when it's time to perform that is unable to be harnessed in any other medium short of a fist fight," says James. "Whether that's on stage or in a recording studio it's almost hard to contain it. It's more life than I've ever felt before." It was that sonic fever that landed the group recent support slots for The Cult and ZZ Top. For the past year Leopold and his Fiction have been working with Grammy-nominated producer Chris "Frenchie" Smith (The Datsuns, Slayer, Jet, The Dandy Warhols, etc.) in recording and capturing a captivating musical journey that is as relentless as it is inspiring.

Fake Your Own Death

You don’t have to die to start your life all over again, but you might have to pretend to. The members of Fake Your Own Death, a San Francisco band, are constantly reinventing their sound, their vision and the Mission District art scene that they call home. Starting over again seems to be the mantra in the band’s debut release which came out in March, 2012, called "Invisible and Bulletproof". The music sounds fresh, vital and earnest while at the same time, vintage and honest. Lead singer, Terry Ashkinos (formerly of SF indie sensation Elephone), built this band around a belief that there are still genuine questions to be explored in art and rock ‘n roll and he surrounded himself with musicians and artists from the SF scene. Together they create passionate, emotional music with explosive live shows. Working with an in-house producer, Sean Beresford, FYOD has created a collection of dramatic songs of dissatisfaction and simple bliss.

Described as literary, brutal and infectious, FYOD has been compared to bands like The National, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth and Interpol by both local and national press. The band is staples on Bagel Radio, Mutiny Radio, Soma FM, Radio Valencia and KUSF. FYOD has played several sold out shows as main support for Hockey, The Warlocks, You Say Party We Say Die, Admiral Radley at the Noise Pop Festival, Film School, White Denim as well as The Trail of the Dead at SXSW. Fake Your Own Death is comprised of Terry Ashkinos on vocals and guitar and Dan Francisco on drums.

Modern Kicks

If The Adjusters are my favourite international young gun punk n’ blues band, then Modern Kicks have to be my North American equivalent. Modern Kicks spur my (ahem…non-sexual) infatuation with baby-faced boys in Rod Stewart haircuts, and they’re the exact type of band I hope to find when I cruise for tunes by thin chaps in leather vests and Hanoi Rocks shirts. Listening to their debut, Rock ‘N Roll’s Anti Hero, is like being hit with a glitter-filled pillow at a champagne slumber party, and the mega-melodic hooks that power these glam pop songs are completely devoid of snarky intentions. Instead, the mischievous come-ons these Bay Area boy scouts employ are of the heartthrob nature, and it won’t be long before every inch of their collective collar is covered in strawberry lipstick. They’re playful biters, conjurers of cheap tricks dispatching poison arrows into exploding hearts, and the pin-up potential bursting from songs like “Don’t Turn Out the Lights,” “Crew’n Up,” “The Price to Pay,” “Another Girl,” and “Riff’n On the Freeway” completely weakens the knees. But the way the whole album blushes with SoCal sunshine, New York drawl, red carpet romance, and shout-along choruses means Modern Kicks shouldn’t have any trouble at all keeping up with The Joneses. If they ever decide to add some keys into the mix, I’m done. Bless these kids and their million dollar sound.


The Saint Ides

Oakland Rock n Roll influenced by such likes as The Replacements, The Faces, Gram Parsons, The Clash, Tom Waits, The Supremes, and The Misfits.

Rock n Roll (by saying just Rock it makes you sound like Creed or Nickelback or some shit)

$7 adv - $10 dos

Tickets Available at the Door

Under 21 must buy $5 drink ticket at the door.

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