The Truss, The Aaron Williams Band, North of Eight, Ateliers

The Truss

Members of 3 In Counting, Jobu, and Stellar Road come together as, The Truss, creating a sound that is undeniable and contagious!
The Truss, is a Chicago based band best described as DMB meets Incubus. With Michael C. Hayes fronting the group, The Truss has an original sound with a strong focus on the “Live Show” experience. Forming in late 2012, the band is currently recording their debut Ep at Lennon’s Den Studio’s with Colin Peterik (son of Jim Peterik, Survivor/Ides Of March) set to release this spring. Be on the look out for tour dates as The Truss takes Chicago by storm this summer!

Aaron Williams and the Homegrowns

The Aaron Williams Band formed in 2003 at the Columbia College Chicago dorms. Our start was playing college parties and small bars around the city gaining a nice fallowing. After a couple years we found ourselves packing the most popular venues in town including Double Door, Cubby Bear, and House of Blues.

The Aaron Williams Band are recording our third album with Grammy nominated producer Johnny K starting Spring 2012! Johnny is noted for his work producing Three Doors Down, The Plain White T’s, and Staind. After hearing The AWBand’s first two albums he quickly was interested in producing our next album. The album is being recorded in Chicago at Groovemaster Studio and will be released in March 2013. The new songs are a huge growth for us, extending to new directions and unlimited musically possibilities, we couldn’t be more excited about what we are writing. The album will be released in 2013 at South by Southwest in Austin TX, accompanied with a yearlong tour.

North of Eight

North of Eight is not just an original band from the west suburbs of Chicago formed in 2009. They are five guys who came together through tragedy and triumph to make great music. Made up of the surviving members of Hagan's Root when drummer and friend Dan Woods passed away suddenly. "We felt really lost musically and spiritually after losing such a close friend and amazing drummer" lead singer Steve Peterson commented. "It took a few years to get back to a place where we felt comfortable creating again" added bass player Bob Koutek. During an open jam at a local bar Steve and Bob found themselves feeling that old spark with what was happening. "We looked at each other on stage and could tell it was clicking." After jamming together for a few months with lead guitar player Ray DiJulio, they asked drummer Matt Psenicka to join. "I really liked what I heard." Matt said. "I was looking for a group that I could create freely with and they proved confidence in me to do that." Combining genuinely original songwriting with tight harmonies and a contemporary Blues/Rock edge, North of Eight has since etched a place for their homegrown sound. With songs ranging from pop rock to straight folk and blues these guys are not afraid to deviate from the formula and create from the heart. Rounding out the "whole package" is a high energy live show that leaves fans entertained, and wanting more. This band is quickly gaining a reputation as explosive performers and really has something for everyone.


Ateliers was formed in April 2012, at Populist Recording Studios in Wheaton, IL, when Brian Doherty (drums), Mike Nesbitt (vocals), James Scott (bass) and Bill Acuna (guitar) met on a Friday night to jam. Fortunately, the mics were rolling as they wrote 4 songs (all 4 to be released on their debut CD later this year). With momentum on their side, they began to get together to finish writing a set of 10 songs which most would consider alternative rock.
Mike Nesbitt and James Scott (owner of Populist Recording) had been playing together for several years in the Chicago-based band The Visitor. Brian Doherty and Bill Acuña had been playing together for four years in various bands, most notably The JoyRyders and The Despotic Hall of Fame. Each musician has at least 25 years of professional experience.
The music of Ateliers has many influences. Most would compare it to that of The Cure, INXS, or The Clash. However, their influences are much broader -- from Bauhaus and Blur to Soul Coughing and The Stone Roses.
Ateliers have spent rest of the summer of 2012 developing their sound and will release a debut CD/album in the Fall. They look to support their music in and around Chicago at venues where original music is preferred.



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