Lit City presents DJ Slimzee, Total Freedom, Vjuan Allure, Kevin JZ Prodigy, J-Cush, Durban, special guests

DJ Slimzee

The Godfather of Grime - DJ SLIMZEE - is making his long anticipated return with an extended set at Lit City Rave. His last time playing in America was back in 2002 with Dizzee Rascal. Do not miss Slimzee as he is easily one of the most forward thinking and influential DJs of our time! Founding the quintessential London pirate radio station, Rinse FM, in 1992, alongside Geeneus, Slimzee has made countless careers for Grime's many producers and MCs. He was always the first to play the dubplates before they hit the street. He was the DJ to bring your music to the airwaves. He founded leading Garage crew Pay As U Go Cartel's which included Wiley amongst it's MCs. Having one the best DJ award countless times at the leading Grime rave, Sidewinder, throughout the early 2000s, he steadily remains to constantly be ahead of the curve. Check him in the mix this Friday and have your jaw hit the floor.

Total Freedom

An essential member of LA's label/collective Fade to Mind, Total Freedom is J-Cush's favorite DJ and should be yours, if he is not already. A Lit City Rave regular - the man, the myth, the legend, returns for an extended Halloween aftermath special this Friday. Let his recent mixes do the talking for him.

Vjuan Allure

One of ballroom's biggest talents is a Vjuan Allure. It’s not Vaughn or Vonn, - (though it IS pronounced that way) it’s VJUAN. A true International enigma that has caught the Dance Music-World by storm, Vjuan is not just a DJ but a producer, re-mixer, artist, dancer, speaker, club host, promoter & a radio station personality – you name it, Vjuan Allure does it with ease and a winning smile that proves that he was definitely born to entertain. He's the beatmaker behind the twist on Masters At Work's "The Ha Dance", also known as the Allure Ha by voguers, Vjuan is a force to be reckoned with. Non-stop energy and passion is what drives him to incredible performances whether it’s for an intimate crowd or a huge dance arena with guest numbering in the thousands – he is comfortable, confident, and approachable. Catch his long anticipated return to Lit City Rave this Friday with Kevin JZ Prodigy around the mix.

Kevin JZ Prodigy

Kevin JZ Prodigy is a leading voice of the Vogue scene. He can be heard toasting, roasting and boasting across balls across the nation. Catch him tonight, coming from Philadelphia to MC over a few sets. After his last set with MikeQ at Lit City Rave, you already know not to miss this.

Future Brown, Lit City Trax, Teklife

Lit City Trax, Teklife

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