Strangled Darlings, Denim Wedding, Planes on Paper, Pat Hull

Strangled Darlings

Strangled Darlings enters its latest exploratory phase: the duo. Gone are the days of multiple instrumentations. No banjo, no guitar, no saw, no violin, no kick drum, no harmonica. Just mandolin & cello. Plus a whole lotta groove and some down right unnatural tales of the colorful American pageant. Call it art, music, poetry, advertising, terrorism, but don't forget to dance.

Denim Wedding

Since forming in 2009 in Portland, OR, Denim Wedding has solidified into a songwriting collaboration between Jennifer Faust & Brian Kunkel. Combining tight vocal harmonies with spacious guitars, DW develops a saturated and captivating sound. The drumming of Josh Mathys brings a percussive energy to the 3-piece.

Planes on Paper

Just one short year after the founding of Not Amy, Jen and Navid began a second musical endeavor, and started the shaping of Planes on Paper. Aimed less towards the rock genre than their first band together, the duo-driven “art folk” project has played some of Washington’s best stages, sharing bills with Radiation City, Curtains For You, Big Sur, Denison Witmer, Ghosts I’ve Met, Rusty Maples, Tim Snider, and many more.

Pat Hull

Pat Hull's lyrically and vocally charged songwriting "goes in the direction of gently reinventing the genre rather than obeying its exhausted axioms" (Deli Magazine). Pat discovered and honed his craft in Chico, CA and returned to Brooklyn in 2010. In 2011, Pat, Michael Chinworth, and Jason Beck began a collaboration that would eventually produce "Light" and "Shed Skin."



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