Enter, New Orleans. Enter, The Honorable South.The Honorable South seeks to cultivate in the listener: a celebration, a unity, and an awareness of individual significance. The band was formed in late 2008 by founding members MS. Charm Taylor and Matthew Rosenbeck. Their first release, the “Dirty in the Light” EP of 2009, affirmatively put the talent and potential of the group on display. Since then, THS has steadily refined and developed a progressively sharpened and unique indie and afro-rock sound that is reminiscent of the eclectic Americana blend of Modest Mouse, the raw rock anthem energy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the feel good verse of Outkast, and the soulful roots commentary of Nina Simone.
THS has evolved to include noted and highly regarded New Orleans percussionist Jamal Batiste, bassist Charles Lumar II, and producer/guitarist, Danny Kartel. 2012 was a year which saw the band hone their craft playing shows and sets across different venues in the city, and garner sales on the street locally and as far away as the U.K and Japan. Since the release of “I Love My Tribe”, the band has been featured in 365 Dreams “Band of the Day” App for I-phone, the cover of a local alternative newspaper, and has the informed ears of the world buzzing about The Honorable South. A wide range of journalists, djs, critics, and fans alike, have testified to the very unique edge and natural talent the band has to offer to the world’s stage.

$10.00 - $15.00


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