Les Izmore

There are few artists that effectively stretch the boundaries of their craft, while continuing to integrate the core of their own talents. One man does so without losing a step, or in this case missing a proverbial beat. Aesthetically, Les Izmore might not be the posterboy for progression in the figurative sense. But, in the literal his efforts to not be pigeonholed into a specific genre are both commendable, and the exception to post modern standards.

When you think of the music Izmore creates, a chaotic but focused vibe comes to mind. Fusing American Funk and Soul, Afrobeat, Kansas City Big Band style, Rock, and Hip Hop seamlessly into free flowing performances would be a daunting task for the most celebrated musician. Izmore takes this task head on channeling pieces of Bo Diddley, James Brown, OutKast/Dungeon Family and Bad Brains respectively to create his own raw style and vibe. So, to say Izmore dabbles outside of the hip hop realm would be a definite injustice. His role as frontman for the multi-genre Kansas City ensembles, Hearts of Darkness and beardKCrazy, would help to coerce the most avid fan into altering their musical tastes to a more eclectic mix.

As an emcee, Izmore is most affectionately known as a warrior for substance. Brandishing a message to push the art form, he sets himself apart most of all by unleasing a daunting spirit culminated by his immeasurable passion to generate timeless offerings. On the horizon, is his re-entrance as a solo artist in the form of, Heartfelt Anarchy, an album of hip hop selections, produced by co-collaborater D/Will as a follow up to his 2008 debut, Vital. Inevitably though, the man of many hats will continue to slide each over his head in hopes that listeners will find something they too can make their own....

Les Izmore has opened for such acts as Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Slick Rick, PMD, Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal), Sadat X, Keith Murray, Snoop Dogg, Kid Sister & Dead Prez


Dutch Young

A Kansas City, Missouri native now living in Chicago, Dutch Young takes you on a rocky journey through his tough past and promising future through clever lyrics and the art of storytelling. In the time where materialism prevails, Dutch reminds us all of the humble beginnings that we came from. He identifies himself with the "little people" with the goal of giving a voice to all without hope. Enjoy


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