Melt Your Face Monday ft.Wooleye, DJ Dephi, Freelanders 3 Ring Circus, Stompcat, Lucid Vigilantes & Kbeeta


WoolEye is an eclectic group of musicians. With influences in jazz, rock, jam, funk etc. Founded by Mike Rouse in 2005 the band has since played hundreds of shows across the country. The music takes you on a journey with a plethra of sounds. With a unique but familiar groove. The group is known for its powerful funky jams, coupled with lyrics that provoke thought.

"I love the poetry in motion"
Carmen Alligood-Colorado Wave
" I havent heard songwriting like that in decades!
I love the tunes" Martin Ferrio-Zero, JGB

DJ Delphi

Celena Delphi is a multi-faceted artist, poet, DJ and earth activist, rooted in a foundation of community studies, permaculture, grassroots organizing and arts education. Born in Summertown, TN and raised up in the arms of intentional community, Delphi has always been motivated by her deep understanding of art as an imperative tool for expression, communication and transformation, both individually and collectively.

Delphi's early creative explorations included poetry and renegade screen-print missions, beginning to evolve her identity and her offerings through language and free expression. She began Dj'ing in 2002, weaving musical maps to express a global movement born of the passionate uprising of the people in response to globalization and oppression. Through this work, Delphi began to more deeply understand music as the universal language of a (r)evolutionary generation.

From that place, Delphi co-founded the Goddess Alchemy Project, a women's multi-media collective and music group devoted to uplifting and empowering the divine feminine within all peoples as a key to true global sustainability. Goddess Alchemy Project continues to travel extensively in the US and Internationally, building a quickly expanding and dedicated following.

Delphi also co-founded alKEMy deSignZ clothing line, which started as a basement art project and has expanded into a collective of artists and designers seeking to support themselves without sacrificing creative expression and artistic integrity. In the midst of this, within Goddess Alchemy Project Delphi has also helped to self-publish two poetry books, produce two albums, and build an extensive and interactive website. (

Celena Delphi commits herself with each breath to this work, which, no matter what form it takes, is all the same mission: to continually channel the blessings she has been gifted with in this life into offerings of magical activism and humble power that inspires others to do the same.

Freelanders 3 Ring Circus

Viva Freelanders!!!


After graduating, we wanted to continue with live music, and moved to Denver to make something entirely new. Stompcat is the result, a project focused on making catchy, danceable, lyrical songs, and creating a fun, energetic, interactive live experience. We love vocoder, four on the floor, funky guitar, weird combinations of words, and moments of proper rock 'n' roll. We perform with a robotic bassist and drummer, but are actively seeking talented human musicians to replace them.

Lucid Vigilantes

Lucid Vigilantes began through a musician post on craigslist. Bass player Jake Johnson met with longtime singer/songwriter/guitarist Gil Leyva towards the tail end of the 2012 year and collaborations began in the Fort Collins area. The two spent the next 6 months writing and fine tuning their music before even setting foot on a stage. This unwittingly led them to the sound that they possess today. In early August 2013, Gil met a drummer by the name of Joel Bordayo in the Denver area. After just one jam session, Joel decided to join the band and gave it its current line-up. Lucid Vigilantes is a group of musicians looking to stand out amongst the vibrant and ever expanding music scene that the state of Colorado has to offer. The group hopes to accomplish this difficult feat by taking certain influences from the past such as 1960s blues, 70s funk, and 90s pop/rock and turning them into a uniquely modern yet catchy sound. Each member's influences define and make this group click on a high musical level. Though the group currently finds itself playing various gigs in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and everywhere in between, it firmly believes that with enough dedication and hard work, the sky is the limit.


KBeeta is an electronic music producer/performer whose unique sound consists of techno, hip hop, and ambient influences. KBeeta performs “DJ like” sets playing only original music: made, mixed, and recorded by KBeeta.

KBeeta released debut album The Little Drummer Boy That Could on 2-14-13, single/music video The Emergency on 7-3-13, and EP Interminable on 8-10-13. KBeeta showcases his creativity by utilizing many different instruments to create songs that tell stories and appeal to listeners of all genres.

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