Anarchy Movement Presents

Anarchy Movement Presents

Weekly Hop Hop Open Mic, that features some of hip hops rising stars of tomorrow.


Kush busted out on the music scene in Ivory Coast in 1995 as lead vocal for Afrobeat and jazz fusion group Farafinh. After winning the West African music contest Rockin' 95, they went on recording the album Doney Doney that received critical acclaim but mild chart success in the region. After opening the Tafari recording Studios and producing international African artists like Negromuffin, Kajeem, Tangara and many more, Kush released his solo album "Les Miserables" in June of 1998. The video and song "Les Temps Changent" shot to the top of the charts with the video leading all other music videos on Ivory Coast TV for 3 months and winning an award. To this day, Les Temps Changent remains the song by which most people in West Africa identify Kush.

In 2000, Kush came back to the US to spread his wings musically. He wrote and recorded a series of songs with various musicians in Africa, Austin, Denver and California. Some of those songs like "She Roots" or "Trod On" are the ones that Kush performs today.

After moving in California in 2003, Kush linked up with Rastafarian roots sensation Bloodfiyah Angels with which he has performed all across the US for the past 5 years and recorded 2 albums, one of which is not yet released.

Kush has also been working on music that shows another artistic dimension which, while remaining Roots Reggae, shows a more personal aspect of his musical experience. The band includes Sonny from Raiz on drums, Sonny's brother Sergio, Gino also from Raiz on bass, and Nazareth from Los Able Minded Poets bringing spoken words to spice up Kush's politically engaged lyrics


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