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Earth Entertainment Presents HipHop Mania

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803Juice a.k.a. JuicyManTheKing is an up and comin artist from Lancaster, South Carolina commonly known as the "LA" of the south. The 08" graduate of Lancaster high school has come a long way from "battlin" in the courtyards and "spittin" in the hallways. This 21 year old dread head has versitile lyrics hooks to hook the soul and the energy to make a paraplegic jump in the back of the room. He is also part of Universal Swag. A group of "LA" natives whose chemistry in the booth is unique and captivating

Young P.O.T.$.

(Ariel GrImsley)21yr Old(RAPPER/WRITER) Young Gunna Who Goes By The Name Of Ace Boogie,A.k.A 90'zBABY, a.k.a Young P.O.T.S.(Product Of The South)Who Is Out Of Monroe,NC..But Resides In Charlotte,NC.He Has Currently Developed A Flow Like No Other! With Hardwork And Faith He Feels That He Has What It Takes To Be One Of The Best Hip-Hop Artist. He's A Country Boy Who Would Love The Fame But Does It All For The Money. As Far As Mixtape And Songs? Boogie Is On The Come Up!...With Mixtapes Dropping Soon! GET RICH OR DIE BROKE vol.1/ME,MYSELF,& IRENE KUSH vol.1/Y.N.W.A.(THE YOUNG & THE RECKLESS) MIXTAPE ALL COMING SOON !~!!! 704's UNDERDAWG


Rekoniize Strength Entertainment

J.K. The Rapper

Jabril Kenan, better known by his stage name J.K. the Rapper or even sometimes “The Loser”. JK is an 18 year old solo hip-hop artist born & raised in Greensboro North Carolina. J.K.‘s style is best described as cerebral. He utilizes his creativity to construct both thoughtful and entertaining tracks. He was mostly influenced by Eazy-E, Wu-Tang Clan, and N.W.A. In JK words “I admire the many old School hip-hop artists whose style focused on that “raw” aspect of hip-hop before all the boy band, hair-dying, border line homosexual activity infected the Rap industry.” His strong expression of opinion separates him from artists his age and all artists in general. If his music were a genre, it would be titled “Rebel Music” mostly going against what everyone is going towards. JK started out as a DJ since birth, mentored by his dad who also Influenced JK to begin his career as a rapper. Jk the Rapper has been rapping since the age of 8. JK recorded his first song ever; to diss his friend Dre for getting a shirt made that had "I Love Jabril’s Mom" on the front. What started out as a joke; JK then ended up taking Rap seriously. This brought the start of a group called 595 at the age 14, and to date J.K. is the only group member who still rap. He then began a self reliant group composed of rappers, producers, and a photographer that makes up “FANG”. He waves his middle finger as if his life depended on it; he describes himself as "A skinny loser with no hopes and a couple dreams.” JK the Rapper states “My goal is to bring back to the game what is now missing, the love for it, the need for talent to succeed, being that all you need is money to make it in the music industry, it used to be about skill, and being different, now everyone sounds the same. I’m going to be the one to point that out and enlighten the people. My career goal is to get to a point where I can say and do whatever I feel and people will respect it. I will be legendary and I want to leave a mark on hip-hop. I want to change the outlook on today’s hip-hop. Money isn’t needed to become a legend.


Quaz is a southern lyricist from Virginia Beach, VA but resides in Charlotte NC. He is a perfect blend of southern hip hop meeting a vintage East Coast flow. Quaz has performed up and down the east coast and been featured on mixtapes such as W.U.N.D.A Fam’s Famdroid, RIC Love and Suicide, and Lyric’s mixtape Far From Average. With Quaz’s witty lyricism and unique voice he quickly made a name for him self in the mixtape circuit.
Quaz went on to record his first solo mixtape, A League of my own, which was hosted by longtime friend DJ Destiny. The mixtape displayed his incredible lyrical ability over a variety of styles of instrumentals. The mixtape received rave reviews.
After a year of performing at clubs, festivals, various hip hop events, headlining The MillionHeirs Ball, Ink Fest Charlotte, and Heat The Runway, Quaz Released his anticipated debut solo album The Mosaic. The album is southern hip hop with wit and lyricism that has not been seen in hip hop in years. With the singles: "She Likes It", Im Gudd", and "Black Out" The album is set to be seen as a hip hop classic for years to come.

Johnathan Royale

Being a child born in Hip-Hop's "Golden Era", one would think that Royale's lyricism is heavily influenced by the 90s. "Nope" the 22 year old emcee would say. "That's not it at all, I actually didn't care much for rap until after 2000." Johnathan was born on November 13th, 1990 in Boston, Massachusetts to an Ivorian couple ( from Ivory Coast - West Africa.) After Johnathan's father passed away due to a heart-attack in the year 2000, he was sent to France to spend time with his family overseas.

Being in a foreign country on the other side of the world weeks after his father died, Johnathan clung to the only familiar thing to him, the one thing that reminded him of home and his life before: American rap music. He snuck in his older cousin's room and would listen to Eminem's The Slim Shady LP and the Marshall Mathers LP. "I thought Em was black and that Dr. Dre was his real enemy." Johnathan would only listen to Eminem for years and move back to america before he even attempted rapping. "I felt like I could never do it. Em was too good. I felt like rap was supposed to be done Eminem's way, and if you couldn't rap like him, you were wasting yours and everyone else's time. I didn't want to make a fool of myself. So, I decided that I wasn't going to try."

Then in 2005, 50 Cent arose. Johnathan immediately accepted 50 Cent as a new favorite. "The Massacre was the first album I ever bought." He would spend hours in his room repeating the songs and even writing the lyrics down. "I don't know what it was for sure, but 50's lyricism was a lot more .. digestible. I could actually rap his lyrics without winding myself or messing up all the time. His lyrics taught me what rapping actually felt like. And I loved it." Less than a month later, Johnathan started freestyling with other kids in the neighborhood and formed a group. "I was pretending to be gangster then, because it was the only way I knew how to put my words together." But soon, Kanye West arose and influenced Johnathan's writing "I saw that I could just be me."

That same year, Johnathan and his family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. "It felt like Hip-Hop was completely different down south. Which is more or less true.. But really what happened was that I moved down south right when hip-hop itself started embracing the south. In an egocentric way of looking at it, it felt like Hip-Hop moved down south with me." Johnathan would then be heavily influenced by southern lyricists like T.I. and Lil Wayne. "I started calling myself J.Royale after rapping like T.I. on that 'My Love' joint."

Royale recently graduated from Kings College in Charlotte with an Associates Degree for Travel/Tourism & Hospitality but is still pursuing his passion for creating Hip-Hop music. "My music is something that evokes emotion. You don't just hear me, you feel it too. I just want to reach as many people as I can and inspire people to try and perfect their craft. Also,I just want to show everybody that there's a different way of approaching rap. There's a different way of presenting the same ideas and it can sound both fresh and authentic."

Today Royale continues to work on his writing and singing skills saying "my competition is Drake, J.Cole and Kendrick, so I have a lot of work to do." He can be found at various venues in Charlotte, getting his name out. "I want to do what I can to not only make myself known in the city but make this city known in the hip-hop community overall. There's a lot of authentic talent here."

I hear beats. I see colors. I summon feelings. I create flows. I write lyrics. And I Fucking Love it all.

Th3 Higher

We are th3 Higher, a hip-hop duo out of Charlotte NC. We have been writing, producing and recording music for 7 years. Our name breaks down into a 2 separate entities. The “th3” represents not only the word “the” but 3 is used to represent that one person everyone has in their life that is the reason why they do whatever it is they do. In our cases it represents fallen loved ones to whom we promised we would make our dreams a reality. They are the reason why we do what we do and why we have the passion that we do. The “Higher” represents were we feel we are mentally, lyrically and in passion. We have been recording music for 7 years and we feel that we have reached the level we should be at to feel comfortable addressing recording companies. As we grow and mature as adults we translate that into our music. We use our music like many artists as an outlet. Everything that we go through, try, did, want to do, thought about is transposed into our music. This is why we feel that our style of music is easy to relate to.

13irth Mark


Mista Darkeye

Young Mazey

Wadup this is Michael Hamilton A.K.A Young mazey been rapping since a young kid and ever since i started i have gotten better and better every day im the founder of H.L.K Ent. Were currently in north carolina doing our thing here....basically i do remixes and my own tracks..starting small now but one day will get big and i know more videos coming soon and more of that good music everyone been searching for..hit me up subscribe us and comment and rate our videos very appreciative once a mouth we do a shout out to all our fans out there cause im killing my time to do for yu...yeah we got haters i know that but thats not stoping me from reaching my goals.

Dre Williams

Songwriter/vocalist & member of the versatile clothing and entertainment company, Beyond Attire.

Verbal Van Gogh

Rapper VvG aka Young Fre$h from the Eastside of Charlotte, is a talented up-and-coming artist. With his lyrical wordplay, witty punchlines, multiple flows and unique swagger, he is able to set his self apart from other aspiring artists.


Rapper/Songwriter at New York Productions

Big Greg

Louie D

Self Made. I write, record and produce by myself.

$10.00 - $15.00


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