Paul Belbusti, Scott Fitch

Paul Belbusti

Of Mercy Choir and Rivener fame.

Scott Fitch

Scott Fitch (a.k.a. “Son of a Fitch”) has been playing live progressive rock-n-roll for over 20 years starting in Phoenix, AZ where he performed in the burgeoning 1990s Tempe music scene alongside other local artists like the Gin Blossoms, the Meat Puppets, and the Refreshments. Since 2001, he has been in the local New Haven and greater Connecticut music scene as part of the Gene Gnomes, a three-piece angry rock band that uses Tuba in lieu of the bass guitar. More recently, he has been performing as a solo artist focusing on his songwriting as well as covers to pay homage to great local artists, and from the success of the most recent Ideat Village sponsored Rock Lottery contest, he has started another musical project with his teammates called Subsonic Stimulus Package. This Son of a Fitch also has a music blog/review page on Tumblr at…



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