Noisy Boyz CD Release Party w/Steve Kyle, and Dear Genre

Noisy Boyz

The Noisy Boyz were formed in the summer of 2012 in St. Louis Missouri, the brainchild of riff-master guitarist/producer Jimmy Hots and bassist Marc Fain. Assembled from the wreckage of various projects, endeavors, and aspirations, the Noisy Boyz were pieced together with one goal in mind: to create music that evokes power, freedom, beauty, and the SPIRIT OF ROCK.

Their brand of original rock is manifested to fan the flames sparked by their musical forefathers and to re-kindle the spark that ignited the great artists and albums in music history. The band is steeped in St. Louis’ great musical heritage and is heavily influenced by other St. Louis artists such as Chuck Berry, Ike & Tina Turner, Miles Davis, Henry Townsend, and Robert Nighthawk to name a few. They are poised to carry this music forward and re-introduce the spirit of this music to their fans.

Front-man Calvin Flash brings the joie de vivre, guitarist Jimmy Hots brings the power, bassist Marc Fain brings the style, and drummer Rick Banta is the embodiment of thunder wrapped in skin… together they bring the NOISE. Keenly crafted ROCK songs that are brimming with classic rock bravado and yet have a modern edge, paired with a band that is fearless and doing it for all the right reasons.

The Noisy Boyz' first set of original songs, EP #1, was released in August 2013 and they are currently working on their second EP. Stay tuned...!

Steve Kyle

Dear Genre

It’s difficult to pin Dear Genre. to just *one* genre – I guess I could just say “Alterna-pop”, but that wouldn’t do them justice, nor is it a phrase I would ever utter, so scratch that. There are elements of dreamy shoegaze, contrasted at other points with some beautiful, jangly, almost country twee-pop, drone-y electronica with a Middle Eastern feel, and just flat out, bombastic rawk, among many others.

All of this is held together by André Cataldo’s chameleonic voice, which does change to suit the different genres, but, at the same time, keeps the listener on their toes by occasionally shifting to something a little different – in lesser hands, it could almost seem a little *off*, but it just fits. Occasionally, there’s a little bit of a snarl to Cataldo’s voice, but there’s also a sweetness, and a vulnerability that draws you in.

I’m a sucker for a catchy pop song. I’m also a sucker for experimental music, ethereal music, rock and pop, and beautiful, emotional music – anything that makes me “feel the feels” – and Dear Genre. scratches all of those itches.

Dave Harris
Producer/Host, St. Louis Music Underground

$6.00 - $8.00


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