Tony Lucca and a Sit Down 5 Course Dinner

It is nearly impossible to find a current singer/songwriter between the ages of 20 and 40 who doesn’t have a seemingly identical list of influences as their peers. Whether its the soul-bearing lyrics of Stevie Wonder, or the gritty folk music of Bob Dylan, the unbridled creativity of Dave Matthews, or the overwhelming truth of Ray LaMontange, somehow these artists all seem to inform the landscape of the modern singer/songwriter. What tends to separate an artist from that pack is experience, confidence and self-exploration. 8 full-length albums into his career, Tony Lucca has become a standard-bearer to some, a torch-bearer to others, and all the while Lucca’s confidence is matched only by his humble appreciation for his path in the wild world of entertainment.

There have been quite a few milestones along the way for Lucca, and it all began for him as a Mousketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club. Lucca’s rise to fame also included a brief stint on an Aaron Spelling prime time drama coupled with a rather public relationship with actress Keri Russell. Fast forward a few years and find Lucca working with fellow former Mouse Club co-star Justin Timberlake, starring in a commercial directed by Timberlake for his own 901 Tequila. Lucca then played himself in an episode of NBC’s hit show “Parenthood”. In 2012, Lucca returned to Hollywood, this time as a finalist on Team Adam (Levine) of the hit show The Voice on NBC. All the while honing a craft that somehow managed to remain the primary focus of his heart, soul and passion – songwriting.

A master of observation, Lucca seems to have stored away every last experience and anecdote as a stepping off point, a palette and canvas with which to turn his impressions of life and relationships into beautiful, thoughtful and often emotionally painful songs that tend to find their way deep into the cracks and crevices of his listeners’ hearts. With almost 20 years of industry experience, Lucca has taken great pride in maintaining a thorough connection with his fans at his dynamic live shows, and by always attempting to stay out in front of the endless barrage of changes, the ups and downs that have left so many in the music business in their own wake. Lucca had the foresight to establish long before the proliferation of social media, yet he has also successfully embraced the ever-changing tech landscape, garnering over half a million followers on twitter (@luccadoes). Lucca truly has embodied the notion that independent doesn’t mean alone: he remains dedicated, determined and nothing if not eternally grateful for what has been an unimaginable ride, with an entirely original soundtrack.

The Wandering Chef

Partners Maria Aros and Wes Rosati met while working as chefs at Lansdowne Resort. Both chefs envisioned a better culinary platform, one closer to local farms and better products, without the corporate red tape. We are now offering Northern Virginia the highest quality Special Events, Catering Services, Cooking Classes and a variety of creative Prepared Foods. Regardless of the event, The Wandering Chef focuses on using the best ingredients (be it local, organic, etc.) to prepare our food from scratch. Real Food. Real Good.


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This special St. Valentine's Day evening starts with an exquisite five-course dinner paired expertly with cocktails from Catoctin Creek. Chefs Wes Rosati and Maria Aros of Wandering Chef will take you on a culinary tour of St. Valentine's Day, while Katie Morrison slings the cocktail shaker to pour the freshest local ingredients in your beverage. After the leisurely dinner, we'll adjourn to the distillery to enjoy an intimate concert from Tony Lucca, the award winning finalist from NBC's "The Voice". Not only will you get the chance to hear Tony play, but he'll even join us for dinner before the show! What a chance to really get to know the artist! Pamper your special someone with an event they'll talk about for years to come. We promise you will have an evening to remember forever.

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