Unwritten Law

Unwritten Law



Scott Russo – vocals
Steve Morris – guitars
Pat "PK" Kim – bass
Dylan Howard - drums

Southern California's UNWRITTEN LAW has become synonymous with the sounds of summer by
releasing some of the most celebrated rock records of recent memory, touring the world to play for
sold out crowds, holding the #1 slot on the Billboard Modern Rock charts and becoming a staple of
the summer's biggest festival, Vans Warped Tour. Not only have they become rock idols but also they
have overcome pitfalls that would end the careers of most bands in order to remain relevant as others
from the scene fade away. Now UNWRITTEN LAW are set to return with SWAN, their sixth studio
album due out March 29 on Breaksilence Recordings/Suburban Noize Records.

Marred by drugs, alcohol and personal struggles, UNWRITTEN LAW channeled their problems into
writing and have crafted one of the most personal rock records of their career. "There was a lot of
interpersonal turmoil going on with the band itself and in our personal lives when we were making this
album," recalls Unwritten Law guitarist Steve Morris. One such battle came in the form of front man
Scott Russo losing his house and possessions in a terrible fire last year; however the band battled
back in the face of adversity to make Swan. Anthemic songs such as lead single "Starships and
Apocalypse" and "Dark Dayz" make this record the catchiest UNWRITTEN LAW record yet.

"It took a long time to write this record because we were creating something real in a time when fake,
bullshit, phony music rules the airwaves," commented Russo. "It seems like artists have forgotten the
art of creating an album. Everyone writes one good song and then fills the rest of the album with B-
Sides. We spent six months just writing the music and then I spent another eight months writing
lyrics. For this album we had to make sure that every song was a great song and there was zero

UNWRITTEN LAW also teamed up with a few names of note on Swan. "Chicken Scratch" features
guest vocals by the legendary rapper Del The Funky Homosapien, a collaboration that was hooked
up by Danny Way (legendary skateboarder and co-founder of DC Shoes and Plan B Skateboards).
Cisco Adler also lends a hand with writing and production on "Dark Dayz," "Nevermind," "Last
Chance" and "Swan Song". What results is a blend of amazing musicianship and a new found
inspiration of lyrics.. From the blazing, edgy "Starships and Apocalypse" to the inspired, Beatles-
esque "Let You Go" and the obviously hip-hop tinged "Chicken (Ready to Go)", Swan shows
incredible growth and proves that innovative music still exists in a time of carbon copies and fading

The band has continued to make awe-inspiring music and is now excited to hit the road in support of
the record and show off the incredible new album to audiences around the world. UNWRITTEN LAW
has already begun to plot numerous routes across the globe. Then, this summer the band will return
to the stage where they began to make a name for themselves so long ago: Vans Warped Tour.

Looking back on the past few years, UNWRITTEN LAW can't help but smile. "We had taken
ourselves and the music from something ugly that no one wanted to be a part of and turned it into
something everyone loved and was proud of," adds Morris. They know that they have risen above the
struggles that have stood in their way and are ready to make a splash in 2011 with Swan.

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